10-1 for the First Time!

Cowboys again!  A sportswriter for one of our local papers actually ran an article saying that the Cowboys-Jets game wouldn’t be a big blowout like everyone was expecting.  I read the article as I watched highlights from the big blowout.

Check out the ESPN version here.

Next week’s game may be the game of the year, as the 10-1 Packers head down to Dallas.

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Candlelight Service

Last night we had a Thanksgiving Candlelight Service at CrossWay.  It was really nice!  We had a good turnout, good desserts, and good fellowship.  Special times, special times….

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!

And go Cowboys!

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Thanksgiving With Little Indians & Pilgrims

Yesterday the older class (older threes and fours) at the Training Station held a Thanksgiving feast.  They dressed like Indians & Pilgrims and did a little performance deal for their parents and younger siblings.  They did such a great job!  They sang some songs, recited and acted out some poems, and shared what they’re thankful for.  It was extremely entertaining.  Even the one- and two-year-old brothers and sisters in the audience were applauding wildly!

Afterward the Training Station teachers fed a traditional Thanksgiving meal to everyone.  No small undertaking!  It was totally delicious.

The turnout was great.  I could be wrong, but I think every kid in the class had both their mom and dad there, and some even had grandparents.  It was a lot of fun and a great chance to hang out with the kids’ families.

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R.I.P. Paper Dog

One of the three-year-old classes at the Training Station used shapes cut from construction paper to make pictures of dogs.  Each child named their dog, resulting in names such as “The Big Red Dog” (the dog was brown), “Puppy the Dog,” “Paper the Dog,” and “Big the Dog.”  One little girl, whose artwork is shown below, named her dog after her one-year-old sister.

But my favorite has to be the one that a kid wanted to name “Dead the Dog.”  (The teacher gently suggested a different name.)  You can see why “Dead the Dog” was initially the name of choice, and quite fitting:

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The Nutcracker…or Not

Some people just don’t have an appreciation for classical music.

Yesterday Carolyn had “The Nutcracker” playing when the kids arrived for school.  They’re going to see the ballet in a couple weeks, so she’s introducing the music and the story to them so they’ll be familiar with it.

Anyway, one little guy came in, heard the music, covered his ears, and griped: “What’s that noise?!?”

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Thanksgiving in Berlin

The ministerial group in Berlin is working together to deliver Thanksgiving meals to anyone who might need one.  I spent most of yesterday with Pastor Daryl McCready from SonRise and Pastor Gary Baer from Buckingham Presbyterian working to get everything together for the deliveries today.

At latest count, we have 107 families that we’re delivering the meals to today.  Each family is getting a box with a 10-12 pound turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, green beans, rolls, cranberry sauce, stuffing, apple sauce, and brownie mix.  (I might be forgetting something, but I think that covers it.)  The churches in the Berlin area contributed about $1,300 to buy the turkey and rolls, and also collected most of the other stuff (we bought the rest with the money that was donated).

This afternoon and evening the meals are being delivered by volunteers from the churches.  It’s so cool to see churches working so closely together like this!  And it was very, very interesting hanging out with Daryl & Gary.  A very entertaining pair!

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Yesterday at CrossWay we began a two-week miniseries called “Creed: Church.” The theme yesterday was the church as a family; next week we look at our mission.

We opened with a video that Carolyn made, set to “Creed” by Rich Mullins. I was so impressed with her work! She did an excellent job, which you can see for yourself by watching the video here:

The church is many things, but it’s primarily a family–the family of God. Everyone who has placed their faith in Jesus Christ is actually a member of God’s own immediate family! Amazingly cool stuff.

The Bible itself is a story about family–about God’s family. He made the first people to be His children (Luke 3:38 calls Adam “the son of God”), which has been His plan ever since. God promised Abraham that he would be the head of a huge family, not a giant corporation. His promise continued through Isaac, through Jacob, through Judah, through David… and on down the family line to Jesus Christ. And through Jesus, His plan is to bring people into His family.

There are many elements that define a family, but three stand out: shared experience, a common language, and reproduction. Sound personal? It is.

The church–as a family–is also defined by these three things. We share experiences together, develop a common language, and reproduce by telling people about Jesus so they can experience a new birth.

The church has done all this throughout history, since its very beginning as recorded in the Book of Acts. Yesterday we read and talked about Acts 2:41-47 to see what the early church family did, so we could learn more about what we should be doing. They were essentially devoted to four things: Bible study, prayer, fellowship, and food. Oh yeah.

The podcast will be up soon, which you can access through the link on the right of this page (if you get this through email, you can find the link by going to this blog’s site).

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Whew.  Those Cowboys know how to stretch out the closing minutes of a game!  TO had quite a game with four TD catches, and Dallas took their first contest of the season over the Redskins.  But Washington sure made it interesting!  It was a really good game, especially the second half.  Of course, the second half has been where the Cowboys have thrived this year.

Check out the recap here.

As a Cowboys fan who grew up outside of D.C. in the ’80’s–when the Skins were great and Dallas was terrible–these victories over Washington are especially sweet!

A week from Thursday, Green Bay heads into Dallas for what could be the NFC game of the year.  In all likelihood, both teams will come in that day 10-1!  But only one will walk away 11-1…. (enter dramatic sound effect here).  That game could be a preview of who gets to lose to New England in the Super Bowl.

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Stop and Smell the… Well… At Least LOOK at the Trees!

Hey, I’m not trying to sound all deep or poetic or artsy or whatever, but we seriously gotta check out these trees around us.  I don’t know if they get more amazing every fall or I’m just getting better able to appreciate it, but the blazing colors of the trees in this area are totally stunning.

For some reason autumn color schemes usually have dark orange, dark yellow, and brown, but that’s not what the trees on the Shore are looking like.  The most impressive flower gardens I saw in England are not as rich and colorful and bright as the woods around here this time of year!

Several times while driving these past couple days I’ve been tempted to pull over and just stare.  I haven’t done that yet, but I have walked around outside the church and enjoyed the fiery red trees.  And I’m looking forward to walking around the Pines today with Carolyn to enjoy the scenery.

Forget that “stop and smell the roses” stuff–let’s stop and check out the colors in these trees!

Here’s one on our street.  It’s one of the most dazzling in the area every year, although my camera phone just couldn’t  even come remotely close to capturing it:

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