Sports Day

At Carolyn’s school, yesterday was Sports Day (or what was known to us old people as Field Day).  I went with Carolyn to school for the day to try to help out.  I wish I could do that every week–it’s always so much fun, and it’s so refreshing to be around little kids who are still excited about everything in life.

The day started with all the outside events.  It was a perfect day for it–sunny and warm, but with a cool breeze.  In Crisfield, that breeze is essential to keep away all the mosquitoes and biting gnats.

Apparently kindergarten students are not too highly skilled at the balloon toss.  All but two pairs of the kids were out after the first toss.  Carolyn and her assistant did the toss to show the kids how to do it, and they won on the second throw.

Other events included Tug of War, Mr. Wolf (a game Carolyn likes because she gets to spray her students with water), the parachute, and some relays.

The rest of the day was spent playing games in the gym, getting their faces painted, coloring, watching a movie while eating popcorn and drinking Capri Sun, playing outside (I tried to teach them kickball, but they just weren’t getting it), and celebrating one little girl’s birthday.

It was a great day!  The kids only have nine more days left.  Hard to believe it’s almost over.

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Good Thing They’re Not Graded On Forgery Skills

In Carolyn’s classroom, there are two kinds of kids at the end of the day: walkers and riders.  In older grades the walkers actually walk home, but in kindergarten it just means that their parents pick them up.  The riders ride the bus.  Sometimes a walker will become a rider on a particular day, and sometimes a rider will become a walker.  To switch from one to the other requires a note from a parent.  For some reason, kids sometimes want to make the change on their own.

A couple days ago one of Carolyn’s kindergarten students tried to trick her by presenting her with a handwritten note:

In case you can’t tell, the note says “Collin is a wocr” (“Collin is a walker”).

Obviously Carolyn didn’t fall for it.  But it did give her a good laugh.

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Graduation Day

Sad day yesterday: It was Graduation Day at the Training Station.  All the kids are gone until September, and many of them won’t be returning to the Training Station.  It was a great program, but still a bummer to see all the kids go.

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A Real Mysterious Puzzler

This story was posted this morning on ESPN’s website:

“ATLANTA — A 25-year-old man died from injuries sustained after falling about 150 feet down a stairwell at Turner Field during Wednesday night’s game between the Atlanta Braves and New York Mets…. Guilbeau said an autopsy will be done to determine the cause of death.”

I don’t mean to make light of a tragic death, but are they serious?  A guy fell 150 feet and they’re doing an autopsy to determine the cause of death?  I’m wondering if maybe I should help out the medical examiner by calling to give him a hint about what might have killed this guy.

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Battery Against the Battery

This is weird.  In a game between the St. Louis Cardinals and San Diego Padres, Albert Pujols knocked both the Padres’ pitcher and catcher out of the game in the same inning.

Check out this unusual story here.

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Podcast Now Working Again

The CrossWay Church Sermon Podcast is now updated.  Apparently the problem is that our host,, decided to make “improvements.”  Like many Internet companies, whenever they make their products “new & improved” they tend to be worse and deficient.  But anyway, it’s working now and has been updated.

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Shorebirds’ McCurry Dominates

Yesterday was the last day game (except for Sundays) for the Shorebirds, so I went.  Nice to have a job with flexibility–something I make sure not to take for granted!

It was truly a great game!  The guy who started on the mound for the Shorebirds, Cole McCurry, was 0-4 coming into the game and had an ERA somewhere around 5.00 or 6.00.  But he proceeded to strike out 10 batters, walk none, and throw a two-hit shutout over seven innings!  They brought in a closer to wrap up the last two innings as Delmarva trounced Greensboro 8-0.  The Shorebirds hit three early homers to take a nice lead, and Greensboro never threatened.

Here’s a shot of McCurry delivering his tenth strikeout:

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When I Grow Up…

This morning I watched part of the rehearsal for the Training Station’s preschool graduation on Thursday.  In one part of the ceremony the kids’ teacher asks what they want to be when they grow up.

One little girl said she wants to be “a space girl.”

A little boy said when he grows up he wants to be Lightning McQueen.

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Podcast Woes

Sorry the latest podcast hasn’t yet been posted.  GoDaddy, who hosts our podcast, is having some kind of problem which I thought would be fixed by week’s end.  Wrong guess, apparently.  I’ll let you know when they’ve fixed it.

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More Ways to Escape from Captivity in the Train Jail

Recently I wrote about ways to escape from little preschool children who try to catch you and lock you up in the train jail. Today I discovered two more techniques:

  • When there are about 14 little hands grabbing onto you and leading you toward the train jail and escape seems impossible, yell: “Race to the train jail!” When the kids take off running, go the other way.
  • The kids like to pretend that the train jail is on fire. When they sound these cries of alarm, suggest that everyone can work together to put out the fire by waving their hands around. After they let go of you to wave their arms, you’re liberated.
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