Parents All Over the Place

This past weekend was fun but went by in a blur.  My parents finally made it to our house after driving five hours through heavy rain.  When they finally got here, we stopped by the Training Station so they could meet the teachers there and some of the kids, then we went to Carolyn’s classroom.

The kids loved my parents.  It was so cute!  The children just swarmed around them and played with them the whole time.

For dinner on Friday night we went to Cottage Cafe in Bethany Beach, Delaware with all four of my parents.  The food was really good and it was nice having a chance to hang out with all of them.

We capped off the night at our house with ice cream and coffee.

On Saturday we had a late breakfast/early lunch at the General’s Kitchen in Ocean City.  Their cream chipped beef is insanely good!  And the waitress kept the coffee flowing, which was especially nice on a chilly, windy, drizzly morning.

Then we headed south to the Inlet and visited the Life-Saving Station Museum.  It was really interesting!  I’d never been before.  Definitely worth the four bucks for admission.

The museum was followed by a cherry & mango Misto Shake at Rita’s.  We headed back to the house, where everyone except Carolyn took a nap.  We had dinner at Station 7 in Pittsville, then my parents headed back home.  It was a really quick visit, but a really good one too.

On Sunday, Mother’s Day, we had a quick meeting after church to talk about Vacation Bible School.  Then we went to Fratelli’s in Salisbury with Carolyn’s parents, Michael & Kristen, and Michael’s parents.  Their stuffed shells are so good!  Even better than their baked manicotti, which is one of my favorite dishes there.  After lunch we went to the Dohertys’ house where we hung out and had a really delicious cake.

I think I put on about eight pounds last weekend.

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The Coolest Kid

Yesterday I tried to mess with my three-year-old nephew’s head by calling him to wish him a happy Mother’s Day.  It didn’t even faze him.  When I said, “Happy Mother’s Day!” he just said it back to me, as if I’d said, “Good morning.”

The kid’s a trip.  It was the first time we actually had a conversation on the phone.

Apparently Monday mornings hold no dread for him.  When I asked, “What are your plans for tomorrow?”  he replied with one word: “Play.”

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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, the Old Man is… Several Miles Away

Dude, it sure is pouring.  My parents are on their way to visit for a couple days.  They live three hours away.  They’ve been on the road four hours and are still several miles away.  But ahh–I love the rain!

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American Mustache Institute

In case anyone is really interested, click here to visit the website for the American Mustache Institute.

Thanks to my strange younger brother Dylan for the link.  Only he would send me such a thing.

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The Amphibious Princess

Yesterday was Day 2 for Cinderella the Tadpole in Carolyn’s kindergarten classroom.  The kids were watching it swim around, then they had to leave for about an hour for art or music or something like that.  As soon as they returned, one of the kids asked Carolyn, “Is Cinderella a frog yet?”

I tried to convince Carolyn that next time the kids leave the classroom, she should take Cinderella out of the tank and put a turtle there instead.  I told her that’d be pretty funny and would have the kids messed up for at least a couple years.  She pointed out that her job is not to mess the kids up.  Good point.  Good thing she’s the kindergarten teacher, and not me.

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One of my favorite discoveries in iTunes has been the old classic baseball games that they sell in their store for just a couple bucks.  It used to be that I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to watch video on a tiny little iPod, but since I discovered these baseball games, I now understand completely.  It’s great to settle in bed at night and watch a couple innings before going to sleep!

Recently I watched Game 7 of the 1952 World Series between the New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers, which the Yanks won.  It seemed like two out of every three players was a Hall of Famer: Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Johnny Mize, Phil Rizzuto, Jackie Robinson, Pee Wee Reese, Duke Snider, Roy Campanella… maybe others.  What great teams!

Then I watched Game 1 of the 1988 World Series, which had one of the greatest moments in sports history when injured MVP Kirk Gibson limped off the bench to pinch hit the game-winning homer in the bottom of the ninth–his only appearance in the Series, in which the underdog L.A. Dodgers beat the stacked Oakland A’s.

Last week I watched the famous Game 6 of the 1986 World Series between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets.  That one was painful to watch because I was a big Bosox fan that year and at the same time was very anti-Mets.  Game 6 was a real heartbreaker.  One thing that really struck me is that Bill Buckner has been the scapegoat for that game (and the Series) for almost 22 years now, but he shouldn’t have been.  It was a weird game with lots of blown chances and, if I counted right, five official errors between the two teams.  There were also hits that could’ve been ruled errors.  But why was Buckner the goat and not the others who blew it–most notably Red Sox relief pitchers Calvin Schiraldi and Bob Stanley, who blew a two-run, two-out lead in the bottom of the tenth inning?  Before Buckner booted Mookie Wilson’s infamous grounder, Stanley threw a wild pitch to Wilson that allowed the tying run to score.  Sure, the winning run scored on Buckner’s error and the Mets went on to win the Series, but Wilson shouldn’t even have had the chance to bat.  And not to make excuses, but Buckner did get drilled with a pitch in the top half of that inning, so he had to be hurting.  I think it’s an injustice that Buckner has been slapped with the blame for more than two decades.

Next up: the 1978 one-game playoff between the Yankees and the Red Sox….

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Democratic Delegate Toy

For any political junkies out there, has a pretty cool toy you can play with.  It’s a graph with the remaining states that have not yet held their Democratic primaries.  You can slide the scales around to see how the outcomes in each state would affect the overall delegate count.

In playing with this, I found that even if Clinton crushed Obama 75-25 in all the remaining elections, and also claimed the remaining unpledged superdelegates 59-41, Obama would still be on top by four delegates.  And those are all extremely unlikely scenarios.  I hadn’t realized just how far behind Clinton was!

Anyway, have fun playing with it.  You can find it by clicking here.

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Oooohhhhh Yeahhh

Carolyn’s really been cooking some great stuff the past couple days! Last night she made some delicious Chesapeake Chicken. It totally rocked. Tonight it was chicken enchiladas, followed by a yummy strawberry dessert.

The picture below was taken with my phone in bad lighting–the enchiladas were not actually green:

I wonder what’s up for tomorrow night…. (Carolyn just saw this and said, “Leftovers.”)

[Update: Carolyn saw this picture and is now embarrassed.  But I assure you that the enchiladas looked wonderful and tasted even more wonderful.  Actually, this picture makes me drool….]

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Would the Real Cinderella Please… Uh… Swim Around?

Today Carolyn took a tadpole to her kindergarten class so they could watch it grow into a frog.  The children voted to name it “Cinderella.”

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God Is Powerful!

Yesterday at CrossWay we looked at the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego as told in the Bible in Daniel 3.  It’s an amazing story that demonstrates the power of God and shows how we can completely trust God because He is completely powerful.

The podcast is now available.  You can access it using one of the links on the right side of this page.

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