A New Thang

Pretty soon there’s going to be a new church here in West Ocean City, really close to CrossWay.  They’re actually a satellite campus for a church a few miles from here.

I’m excited about it.  At CrossWay we’ve been working at getting beyond ourselves to reaching the community, but we still have a long way to go.  So I’m really excited that God is putting another congregation here in our neighborhood to help reach our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ!  Please keep them in your prayers as they get ready to launch.  (I’d give their name here, but I don’t know yet what it will be called.  I’ll let you know when I find out.)

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Dumb, Dumber, and What The?!?

Today I saw an online article about the increase in teen pregnancies, which have risen for the first time in a decade.  Here’s a quote:

“The cause of the increase is the subject of debate. Several experts blamed the increase in teen pregnancies on sex-education programs that focus on encouraging abstinence.”

Are these people just trying to create fodder for the late night comedians?  I’ve never claimed to be an “expert” like the “experts” cited here, but I’m pretty sure that “encouraging abstinence” does not impregnate teenage girls.  If these programs required artificial insemination in order for a girl to participate in the program, then I could understand.  Otherwise, these “experts” might seriously need to consider taking a vocational aptitude test.

Maybe they accidentally omitted a “not” somewhere in that quote.

Either way, the fact that the current administration has withdrawn $150 million in funds for abstinence programs might have a little something to do with the current rise in teen pregnancies.

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