Art “Storage”

A friend on Facebook recently shared about how her six-year-old son caught her throwing away some of his artwork.  Several other parents commented about how their kids had caught them doing the same thing.

So what’s a parent to do?

Since my daughter just turned one last month, right now I can’t imagine ever throwing away any of her artwork.  After all, she’s only done two paintings so far: one is front and center on our fridge, and the other is in a frame with a custom-made plaque.  So the throwing-away-art days are in the distant future.

But considering how much artwork a kid produces throughout childhood, it’s inevitable that we can’t keep everything without violating fire code and having to rent some storage units.

So here’s my question: When the day comes where a parent must decide that some great masterpiece has to go, how do you chuck it on the sly?

Seriously, I’m looking for some creative ideas.  I don’t want to have to post on Facebook some day about how Laura Marie caught me tossing her latest creation.  Please hook a brother up with some ideas!

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High Seas Expedition

Yesterday we wrapped up a week of  kids’ ministry at CrossWay Church as we celebrated Summer Bible Camp Sunday.  Our theme for the week was High Seas Expedition, and the kids and workers all had an awesome time!  This is the third year we’ve done Summer Bible Camp at CrossWay, and it seemed to go better than ever.  We had more kids (46) and they had more excitement than I’ve seen yet.

We hit 5 important Bible truths this week as we explored the mighty love of God:

(1) God’s Word is true.

(2) God’s Word is comforting.

(3) God’s Word is surprising.

(4) God’s Word is life-changing.

(5) God’s Word is for everyone.

One of my highlights as a group leaders was that all six of my kids came every night!

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Stuff That Scares Us

We’re in the middle of Summer Bible Camp at CrossWay Church.  We’re on a High Seas Expedition!

A couple nights ago we were talking about how God’s Word is comforting.  The Bible story teacher asked the kids if they’d ever been scared.  One little guy said, “Last night there was a nightmare in my bed!”  Note to parents: When you tuck your kids in at night, be sure to check the sheets and sweep away any nightmares lurking there!

Another four-year-old boy said he’s afraid of ghosts.  When asked if he’s ever seen a ghost, he replied: “I’ve seen a dead ghost!”

(By the way, don’t think about the “dead ghost” thing too much.  Trust me, it’ll only make you dizzy.)

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