Billboard for Pregnancy Center

Anyone want to write a check for $9,000-10,000 to get a billboard for the Shirley Grace Pregnancy Center for a year?  That’s one of the best ways to effectively reach the thousands upon thousands who travel along Route 50 to Ocean City–not to mention, of course, the locals.  Hey, it’s tax-deductible! 🙂  So if you want to spend a few thousand bucks on something will literally save lives, just let me know!

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Praise & Prayer

Last night we had our monthly Praise & Prayer worship service at CrossWay Church.  God’s presence was very powerful, especially during our prayer time.  I loved the freedom in prayer that we experienced as we tuned in to God’s leading and surrounded one another in prayer.  The theme for the night, which we hadn’t planned in advance, was praise.  Everyone who shared from the Scriptures read from Psalms.

God does indeed inhabit the praises of His people! (See Psalm 22:3.)

Our next Praise & Prayer service is Wednesday, November 10 at 6:30 p.m.  I’m already looking forward to it!  Everyone is invited!

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Another Example of How Four-Year-Olds Don’t Struggle With Bluntness

Today when the Pre-K class at the Training Station was praying before lunch, I was standing nearby so I took off my hat during the prayer.  Here’s the conversation that followed:

Four-year-old boy: Pastor Nathan, guess what?

Me: What?

Four-year-old boy: You don’t have any hair!

Thanks kid.

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Rated R Bible Stories at CrossWay Church

We’ve got a new video promo for “Rated R Bible Stories,” the new sermon series at CrossWay Church beginning October 24:

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Link to Article About the Shirley Grace Pregnancy Center

I know I haven’t blogged about this yet, but if you live locally, you’ve probably heard that the new Shirley Grace Pregnancy Center in Berlin is now open!  What an enormous miracle!

Click here to read the most recent article about the center.

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