3-D Laura Marie

Yesterday we went for a 3-D sonogram at RMS Sonography in Salisbury.  It was so cool to see the baby again!  Now she’s much bigger and has some fat on her, plus the 3-D shots made it possible to see her much better.  Carolyn says they make her look like a clay baby, and you’ll probably agree.  When we got home last night we watched the DVD of the sonogram they gave us.  It’s so awesome!  On the DVD you can see her yawning, moving her mouth like she’s talking, playing with her toes, punching Carolyn’s guts–even opening and closing her eyes!  Amazing stuff.

Here are a couple of the 3-D photos:

We’ll have one more sonogram (a regular one, not 3-D) before the baby is born.  The doctor orders this one to make sure that the baby is ready to come out into her new world!

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Laura Marie’s Email Signature

Our creative friend Katie designed this email signature using some of our ultrasound photos.  Is it cool or what?!?  Thanks so much, Katie!

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Laura Marie’s First Baseball Shirt

Laura Marie got her first piece of Nationals gear yesterday.  It was a pretty exciting moment for me, and I’m sure for her as well.

Her mom wasn’t so sure.  Last summer we went to a Nationals game at their new stadium, and the fans were almost as bad as the team… and that’s saying a lot.  At one point the booing got so bad that the fans booed a 12-year-old ballgirl when she booted a foul ball.  When I told Carolyn that Laura Marie could wear her Nats tee to a game this summer, she said, “You can’t take a three-month-old baby to a baseball game!  Besides, they’d probably boo her.”

Maybe I should raise her to be Phillies fan.  (Of course, you talk about mean and rowdy fans!  No offense Christi–you’re the rare exception.)  That would be strange since I’ve never been a Phillies guy myself, but Philly is as close as Baltimore or D.C., so the baby should have her pick.

Anyway, here’s the shirt:

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First Finished Painting

Yesterday in our painting group I finished my first painting!  I’m not satisfied with it, but I could work on it forever and never be satisfied with it.  At some point you just have to say, “Enough!”  So here it is:

What I mostly worked on yesterday was the face.  It still doesn’t really look like Bobby Murcer, but at least it doesn’t look so much like a Neanderthal.  Here’s a closeup:

Now I don’t know what to do with the painting, ’cause I’ve never finished one before.  What’re you supposed to do with them once they’re done?

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Another Try At Painting

Last year several of us got together on Sundays after church to paint.  It never really got going again after the summer until this month. 

I’ll have to ask Carolyn if I can post pictures of her latest paintings in progress.  She is so talented!  I’ve decided to move on from my attempts at painting football players.  Instead I’m trying baseball players.

My first effort is an acrylic painting of former New York Yankee Bobby Murcer.  It’s based on a photograph from a recent edition of Sports Illustrated.  Like the photo, the painting is black and white–the first attempt I’ve made at B&W.  I thought it’d be kind of cool to take pictures of it at different stages of development.

Here’s the original photo:

My basic sketch:

And here’s where the painting stands now.  Obviously the face needs a ton of work still.  At this point it’s a face, but definitely not Bobby Murcer’s!  I think I’m probably going to leave out the uniform pinstripes from the original photo.  Here’s what it currently looks like:

If I’m able to finish this one, it’ll be my first-ever completed painting!  It’s the closest I’ve gotten so far.  After we paint this Sunday I’ll post a picture of whatever progress (or regress!) I make.

By the way, last time I shared one of my paintings on here (my very first attempt, I might add), I got joned on by some of you in the comments.  You’re welcome to slam it, but let’s play fair: if you’re going to bust on my painting, I want to see some of yours!  And if you haven’t painted yet or are looking for people to paint with, everyone is welcome to join us at CrossWay on Sunday afternoons.  We usually start around 2:30 p.m.  Good times!

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Our First Glimpse of Little Laura Marie

Okay, a little more info about yesterday’s ultrasound…

Carolyn’s parents and my parents all joined us for the sonogram at RMS Sonography in Salisbury.  When we went back to the room where they do the ultrasound, we were all very impressed with it: it looked like a very cozy living room.  There were leather couches and chairs, plants, lamps to provide light but still keep it dark enough for us to see the big TV screen hanging on the wall at the end of the room.

On the other end was the table where they put Carolyn for the show.  Right away the baby popped up on the TV screen.  We all gasped–it was so awesome!  The technician had already asked if we wanted to know the gender, if she was able to see it.  She was definitely able to see it!  The baby had her legs stretched out toward her head, so we were all able to see very clearly what the technician announced very nonchalantly: “It’s a girl.”

A girl!  Woo hoo!  Carolyn’s wanted a baby girl all along.  She had even bought a little dress already.  We would have been thrilled either way, of course.  But Carolyn was extremely happy to hear that it’s a girl, and I was just happy that we can now call the baby by name: Laura Marie Hyde.  It’ll be nice to say “she” and “her” instead of “it.”

For about half an hour we looked at the baby’s arms, legs, heart, stomach, brain, spine, skull… even her cute little tiny bladder!

Speaking of bladders, did you know that before you have a sonogram you have to drink 32 ounces of water–and hold it?!?  Carolyn was such a trooper!

For most of the time the baby was squirming around, tossing all over the place, doing flips.  At one point she turned her head toward the screen as though she was watching us.  Another time she stuck out her little hand and–I’m not kidding–gave us a thumbs up!  It was so amazing.

Here’s a pretty clear shot of Laura Marie’s cute little tiny foot:

And here she is lying on her back and reaching up as far as she possibly can with her legs so she can kick her mom’s guts:

I’m still kind of spaced out, shocked, by the whole thing.  I’m having a daughter.  Wow.

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Caffeinated Art

Last night my brother-in-law Michael created a caffeinated masterpiece.  He’s already a very talented latte maker, but last night he added some coconut depth that just took it to a whole new level.  It was so delicious it made me emotional–for a minute I thought I might even cry.  It was just beyond words; it was even beyond poetic expression.  So smooth, rich, and foamy, with a flavor that was pleasing at first taste but quickly crescendoed into ecstasy.  It was unbelievable.  It was such an amazing creation that it caused a dilemma: to drink it meant that it would be no longer, but not drinking it was not even to be considered.

In the end I followed the advice of a beer billboard I saw: Sip.  Savor.  Repeat.

A portrait of the artist as a (barely) young man:

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Pics from CrossWay’s 25th

A big thanks to Kristen for these pictures she took from the 25th anniversary celebration at CrossWay!

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Watch for Deer

The location for this collision could not have been worse.  Here’s the sight that greeted me as I pulled into the church driveway this morning:

This is what everyone heading westbound along Route 50 saw this morning, as well as all the parents and children who were coming to the preschool.  Eventually the State Highway Administration came and hauled off the deer.  Meanwhile, our church wasn’t exactly giving the kind of impression we typically aim for.  I figured the least I could do was change the sign to accommodate the situation:

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Back Porch Starbucks

Here we are halfway through Carolyn’s first trimester, and she can’t stand the smell of coffee–especially strong, dark, bold Starbucks coffee.  So for any of you out there who might find yourself in a similar situation, I just thought I’d share one solution:

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