The Top 10 Good Things About This Half-A-Degree Weather We’ve Been Having

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Top 10 list here, so I figure it’s about time. Plus, we’ll have better attitudes about the weather since this list can help us keep this cold spell in perspective. So here is…

The Top 10 Good Things About This Half-A-Degree Weather We’ve Been Having:

(10) No need for hats, scarves, or gloves. I mean, you’re instantly numb anyway, so what’s the point?

(9) Even people who have to use their fingers to count can tell you the temperature.

(8) The mercury in thermometers gets a break.

(7) Driving over frozen puddles. Nuff said.

(6) Even a light dusting of snow doesn’t melt. And winter without snow is like summer without sun.

(5) Good health–it’s too cold to get a cold. Even germs are staying at home by the fireplace.

(4) Eating ice cream actually warms you up.

(3) It shows that global warming is not yet as severe as it seemed.

(2) It’s funny to see the Ocean Pines ducks and geese sitting on a giant block of ice. They’re goofy looking.

(1) How often do you get to spit and it turns to ice in midair?

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