Parents-in-Law…and in Grace

The past few months my father-in-law and I have tried to get together at least every couple weeks or so over breakfast. I’m reminded of what a blessing it is to have in-laws that are such good friends. You hear all the time about people who constantly have conflict with their in-laws. Not only do I not have conflict with mine, but they’re actually some of my favorite people to hang out with.

If you know Carolyn, then you know that she had to have some pretty special parents. They gave her a solid Christian upbringing and taught her the value of things like education, compassion, and stewardship. They pretty much taught her everything she needed to know except how to find the right guy! Her dad is a great listener and someone who’s just easy to hang out with. Her mom is really entertaining and is also a great cook–I’m frequently reminded of this because she cooks us dinner at least once a week!

Call me sentimental (or just mental), but I’m grateful that I married into a family where I not only gain in-laws, but friends and family in Christ as well.

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