What Delights God

Recently I was reading Micah and hit a verse that hit me back.  In Micah 7:18, the prophet says to God, “You will not stay angry with Your people forever, because You delight in showing unfailing love.”

What delights me?  Lots of things: Mexican food, Dr. Pepper, watching a good game of football or baseball or basketball, going on road trips with my wife, laughing uncontrollably, playing with my little niece and nephews, pay day, a package in the mail, strawberry cheesecake.

What delights God?  Showing His love for you.  Showing His love for me.

Think about it–God delights in showing “unfailing love.”  His love for you and for me is not conditional.  It is not based on our performance.  It has nothing to do with how good we are (or think we are).  It is not determined by how well we follow rules.  He loves us because He’s our Dad.  He is our God.  His love never fails.

But it gets better.  God actually “delights” in showing us this unfailing love!  He isn’t content to just feel love for us.  He wants to show it to us.  He is a God who acts on His love, who does things to show us how much He loves us.  And it makes Him happy!  Showing His love for us puts a big ol’ grin on the face of the Almighty.  It delights Him.

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty darn cool.

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