Transition, Part 2 (or How to Hire the Right Guy)

As I transition out, the church will be prayerfully looking for the right person to transition in. By “the right person,” I mean someone who will fit three criteria. I can’t remember where I first read about these, but it was probably in The Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley or Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels, or maybe both.

Anyway, here are the criteria:

(1) Character. This is the single most important thing. A lack of sound character will sooner or later (probably sooner) undermine everything else.  The right person will have integrity, be honest, reliable, consistent, selfless, loving, hard-working, and committed.  Who a person is lays the foundation for what a person does.

(2) Competence. The right person must also be able to do the job.  Notice this list does not include anything about formal education or training.  Performance always trumps degrees and lists of impressive initials following someone’s name.  If someone’s passion and giftedness fail to match up with the demands of the job, it ends up with people getting frustrated and hurt.

(3) Chemistry. Unfortunately this one is often overlooked.  Even if a person has the right character and competence, they might not fit with the staff or the organization.  This is especially important at a church like SonRise with a leader like Pastor Daryl, who’s an explosive mix of strong leader and goofball.  Working with him is like working with a combination of Dwight Eisenhower and Larry the Cable Guy.  And someone who comes from a traditional church background and is not very, very open minded would really struggle in this setting.

A good example of these three qualifications in action was when we brought Pastor John on board to plant The Gathering Tree.  He had a very Christlike character, was extremely skilled and entrepreneurial, and fit perfectly with our staff and church vision.  He easily passed all three tests, and we could tell right away.  We all just clicked.  I think it’s often like that when God brings along just the right person, but these three areas of qualification provide some guidance and bring some important standards into the process.

So these three things set the parameters for the search. I know God has handpicked someone for the job, and called them to this position just as He called me to preach.

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