The past few days I’ve been reading the Gospel of Matthew.  The stuff that Jesus’ disciples witnessed during their brief years with Him must have been overwhelming.

I mean, think about it–if I saw someone give sight to a blind guy, or lay the smackdown on a bunch of religious big shots right in the middle of their own headquarters, or converse with demons and boss them around, or tell a crippled dude to get up and walk and the guy actually does it…  I would never get over that stuff!  It would totally rock my world.  I’d never stop thinking about it or talking about it.  I would walk around completely amazed all the time.  My mouth would probably be permanently gaping and my eyes stuck wide open.  And that’s just if I saw only one of these occurrences.

Jesus’ apostles saw this kind of thing every day.  They never knew what He was going to say or do next.  He was entirely unpredictable.  But they could be sure that whatever He said or did, it was guaranteed to astound them.

Many of us have gotten so accustomed to hearing these stories about Jesus that much of their shock factor has worn off.  When I learned that Jesus rose from the dead, I still believed that I could be Batman someday.  The divine mystery eluded me.  By the time I grew older and more aware, I was used to the stories.  I almost became immune to the miraculous power of the things Jesus said and did.

I’m going to try to be more intentional about regaining the wonder of Jesus.  You’re welcome to join me on this adventure!

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  1. “Lay the smackdown.” Love it.

    I saw this shirt and immediately thought of you.

  2. Great shirt! Maybe I’ll wear it when I start my training to be a cage fighter.

    Not really sure what to think about the fact that you “immediately” thought of me when you saw it…

  3. I think that today people are so far removed from God that the time is almost here. Once everyone has heard the good news ,or is exposed to it ,so that they can make a choice, Jesus will come back for a visit. Then the final battle, which will be a spiritual battle, will begin. I believe that this battle will be fought through us, so we must be ready! After this is fought and won by God, for as the ancient “big shots” learned you can’t argue with God and win!,our paradise will be here for us forever.

  4. perhaps it may happen like that. only God knows for sure but i am glad to be on the winning side.that i know for sure

  5. Yeah, that’s definitely not a battle where you want to be on the losing side!

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