Shoe, Before I Belt Ya

Shoes and belts are weird things.  You wear them every day, but they don’t get washed.

I have this black belt (not like a “ha-yaah!” black belt, but an everyday leather black belt), that I wore every day for 15 years.  Isn’t that gross?  After being on a person’s body for a decade and a half, a strip of cow hide is bound to get pretty funky.  It was probably on me longer than it was on the cow!  Finally I decided that maybe I should wash it.  So I did, and it doesn’t look too good, but it sure is durable.

Who needs a belt anyway?  Back in the day I was thin enough that I had to wear a belt to hold my pants up.  Now the only reason I ever wear a belt is so I’ll have something to clip my cell phone to.

And shoes…  Think about this one.  People’s feet sweat.  Shoes get a lot of mileage.  They go a lot of places.  And yet they never get washed.  We wouldn’t think of wearing the same pair of socks two days in a row, at least not without washing them first.  So why are we so willing to wear the same shoes every day–sometimes for years–even though they never get washed?  Sure, we can spray deodorizing stuff in them, but they still have to be as filthy as the floor of an old dumpster.

It’s strange the things we accept as normal.

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  1. sometime I wash Mr belt by accident oops now mr belt has shrunk

  2. Hahaha–that’s great! Seems I must’ve washed all my belts by accident!

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