La Tolteca (Whatever That Means)

There’s no replacement for Tex-Mex food. None. If you want the best Mexican food on the planet, you simply have to go to Texas or my mom’s kitchen.

But if you live on the Eastern Shore, a tasty alternative is available. The best Mexican restaurant on the Shore–and I’ve been to many–is easily, hands-down La Tolteca . It’s in Salisbury along Rt. 50 (you can click on “La Tolteca” above for a map).

Daryl and I used to look for excuses to drive to Salisbury so we could eat lunch at La Tolteca. If there was business to be done at Verizon, or equipment to be picked up at BB’s, or supplies needed at Sam’s, we’d jump on the opportunity to be out near La Tolteca at lunch time. And if we had a lunch meeting to schedule? You don’t even need to guess where we’d go.

Recently, however, his wife Traci helped us to realize something that has been very freeing: we don’t need an excuse to go eat at La Tolteca. Their food is good enough to justify the trip with no other reason attached. It’s also quicker that way. This has been an exciting discovery and has heightened both the frequency and enjoyment of my La Tolteca experiences.

By the way, for you Orioles fans: I recently saw an article where Cal Ripken, Jr. listed his top ten favorite things about Maryland. La Tolteca in Bel Air made his list! I don’t remember what he recommended from the menu, but you can’t go wrong with anything there. Their beef tacos, cheese enchiladas, nachos, Texas fajitas… even their salsa is superior to other restaurants!

Now if I could only open Carolyn’s eyes–or rather, her taste buds–to the virtues of good Mexican food….

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  1. I don’t have a La Tolteca near me, but the website it worth a browse for the music alone. Gracias!

  2. “If you want the best Mexican food on the planet, you simply have to go to Texas or my mom’s kitchen.”

    Haha. I hear Mexico is good too!

  3. Yeah, I tried getting Carolyn to like mexican food for years..LOL good luck!! Tell her I found a tape recording of us in the car ordering milkshakes at arbys and talking about sitcoms..I have no idea when that was..pretty weird! I miss her!


  4. Chris, who told you the food in Mexico was good? You sure you didn’t hear them wrong, and they actually said “Texas”? The food in Mexico is too Mexican. Tex-Mex is definitely the way to go. Very jalapenoy.

  5. Kristin, your efforts may have been more successful than you realized. Carolyn used to regularly eat Mexican food until we went to Texas a couple summers ago. Nearly every meal was Mexican, and she got–as she put it–“Mexicaned out.” Our last day there, some of my relatives invited us to go out for breakfast with them. Carolyn said, “At least it won’t be Mexican since it’s breakfast!” Heheh. Best Mexican breakfast I ever had.

    By the way, next time you’re in town, I’d love to hear that tape!

  6. thats a cute story! I dont think I could ever get sick of mexican food..thats a good thing and bad thing I guess. Have you ever tried chipotle? Its more like tex mex but its delicious. I saw that you were in DC last time you are here you should let us know..we only live about 45 minutes from there! We are always up for the zoo


  7. Yeah, chipotle is good, but to me it tastes like BBQ Mexican food. Whenever I get Chipotle Tabasco sauce, I use it as BBQ sauce. Very unique flavor.

    We should definitely make zoo plans. Carolyn loves going there! Maybe some warm weekend soon?

  8. Definitely! Shawn will be in town next weekend for a disc golf tournament and then we will be back the next week for a few days ..maybe we can catch up then and make plans for the zoo sometime in the beginning of May? Hopefully it will be warm then!!!

  9. Sounds good! It’d be great to spend some time with you guys!

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