A SonRise Seder

Yesterday at SonRise we brought in a guy from Jews for Jesus, and he led us in a seder service.  “Seder” means “order,” and I can see why they call it that, because there’s a ton of stuff in a seder meal that all has to be done in just the right order.

It was a fascinating presentation.  The coolest part was the way the matzos (pronounced like “motsa”) bread represents Jesus Christ.  Matzos bread is yeast-free.  Yeast in the Old Testament is symbolic of sin.  Jesus was free from sin.  In the seder, there is a particular piece of matzos bread that is broken.  Jesus said that He is the Bread of Life and His body was broken for us.  This broken piece of matzos bread is then wrapped in a  linen cloth and hidden, to be brought back later.  And Jesus, after being “broken,” was also wrapped in linen and buried, to be brought back to life later!

This was amazing stuff, especially since the seder service had been practiced for a millennium and a half before Jesus was even born.  The matzos bread that is broken, hidden, and brought back was only one way that Jesus is present in the seder meal.  Everything that is done in the seder is all about Him.  Truly amazing stuff.

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  1. interesting service. it is interesting to see where the communion originates. i will sometimes recite the part of taking the body of Christ when i am eating (in my head).

  2. Yeah, that is interesting about Communion. I wonder how many other things which are part of the Christian tradition also unknowingly originate from Jewish tradition.

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