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    Today I’d like to introduce everyone to Darren Plummer, a friend of mine who is planting a church in College Park, Maryland, called Mosaic. I asked him a few questions about blogging, and I’d encourage you to check out his blog, “D-PLUM… life and leadership,” at http://mosaicland.blogspot.com.  Enjoy!

    How long have you been blogging?

      I began blogging in May 2006… I think it was shortly after returning from the Buzz Conference and reading blogs like Mark Batterson, Perry Noble, and my friend Ben Arment.

      Why do you blog?

        I love to communicate… period. Whether it’s speaking or writing, I really love to express my thoughts. Not that I have anything of particular interest to say! 🙂

        What is the message that you hope to communicate through your blog?

          Right now, I just want as many people as possible to read the blog. I figure, the more people that read it, the more people there will be to pray for me, my family, and Mosaic Church. So, I’m writing about different things right now: often about ministry, but also about my life. I’m a humorous fellow… so they say… so, I try to allow that to shine through. After Mosaic is “up and running” for awhile, I can see my focus shifting to becoming more ministry-specific. But, if not, I’ll just change the URL to dplum.com! 🙂

          What have you found to be the biggest benefits of blogging?

            I think it’s just the possibilities of people EVERYWHERE reading your stuff! I emailed Gary Lamb (a church planter in Canton, GA) a week or so ago… and when he wrote back, he said he reads my blog at least once a week. DANG!! To me, that’s major! Here’s a guy who has hundreds of people reading his blog, and he hits mine (I’m a rookie… in the Pee Wee League) somewhat regularly. That’s cool! So, I think there are great possibilities of connecting with people whom you don’t even know… who are all over the globe. I’ve had people comment on some of my posts, or email me directly, who either just stumbled across the blog or were turned on to it by one of their friends… and they became regular readers. Remember, the MORE PEOPLE WHO READ IT, the greater the potential number of people to pray for us… as well as the greater the potential number of people we can reach.

            What are some of your favorite blogs to read?

              By far, I think my two favorites are Steven Furtick and Gary Lamb… simply because they are church-planting pastors and write from that perspective. I think Shaula Overton has a great blog… her husband Robb planted Epic Church in the Norfolk area, and she writes from the planting perspective, as well. Then, there are the blogs of my buddies that I try to stay up on: Jumaine Jones, Jody Jennings, Ben Arment… to name a few. I don’t just read church planting blogs, though… I have some “blog friends” who write from a different perspective: Rindy writes about her life… she’s a single mom, with 3 teenage boys. Amy writes “theological musings”, and she likes to somewhat “stir up the pot” and get people interacting with her posts.

              How do you decide what to write about?

                Depends on what I write about. If something really funny happens to me, or in my family… it’s bloggable. My wife and one of her friends joke about being careful of what they say to me, because they don’t want to be “blogged!” 🙂 Sometimes, I’ll be reading Scripture and something will grab me so powerfully that I want to share it with everyone else. It just depends on what I’m blogging about at the time. I imagine that after next month, when Mosaic is meeting weekly, I’ll be a little more focused on blogging about ministry stuff.

                You live in Maryland, but you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan. What gives?

                  Just trying to be Kingdom-minded, my friend! I think the quickest way to break fellowship with God is root for the Deadskins! 😉

                  Anything I didn’t ask that you’d like to comment on?

                    I must say, Nathan, that I just started reading your blog yesterday… I’m loving it! I’ve saved it to my favorites! Keep up the good work! 🙂

                    And just so you know, I didn’t ask him to throw in that last line–and I didn’t write it myself, either!

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                    1. Hey, man…

                      Thanks for the highlight! I blogged a little about the interview, so hopefully you’ll get some hits and regular readers, too! 😉


                    2. Thanks Darren! And I’m praying for an amazing Easter service for ya!

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