Really Cool Live Painting Video

Seems like I’ve been posting a lot of videos lately, but oh well. I can do that–haha. Enjoy this one. It’s a little long (about nine minutes) but very much worth it.

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  1. That was cool! Make you think does’nt it. Consider this God has no begining or end, therefore heaven has no begining or end (also alpha and omega). Our universe has a begining and an end, man has a begining and an end, our souls have a begining but no end. By definition the universe is outside heaven or heavenly realm as we are consequently there must be a barrier between our existence and God’s existence since the universe of which we are in is outside.We have a way in by the blood of Christ who was perfect since He is God Himself.The realm of hell or the opposite or heaven is there a barrier between it and the heavenly realm? Did the realm of hell have a begining but no end like our souls? If there is a barrier between heaven and hell then there must by definition 2 separate eternities,thus this must be the eternity that our souls were bound for after the new covenant or testament since both have a begining but no end, therefore it is essential to use the blood of Christ to enter the realm of our Creator by doing so as it states in the new contract or covenant.I would be willing to bet that this could be proved by mathematics the language of the mechanics of our universe. Oh well some thoughts and a couple of questions.

  2. correction statement should have said heaven is outside of universe its been a tough day sorry

  3. Interesting. Even if this stuff could be demonstrated mathematically, I would probably understand it even less than I already do! Even though it’s based on logic and hard data, math is something that has always baffled me. I’m amazed by people who excel in it.

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