Top 10 Reasons I’m Fat

(10) The other day I stopped at Espresso Wave for a coffee. The girl working there offered me a free cinnamon twist. I said no thanks. She asked if I was sure. Who can say no twice to a free cinnamon twist?

(9) While I’m between jobs, I’ve had more opportunity to visit Carolyn’s classroom. And Long John Silver’s is on the way.

(8) Carbs are my friends.

(7) My scale lies.  It hates me.

(6) Everything you buy at the grocery store these days is fattening.  It’s hard to even eat a salad that’s actually healthy!

(5) Christmas.  Eggnog + chocolate + pies = 10 pounds in December.

(4) Cheese.

(3) Dr. Pepper.

(2) For the past three years, I’ve worked with some great folks who have a great appetite for great food.  Let’s just say my appetite fit right in.  I’ve had some excellent lunches, but they probably added 30 pounds to my frame.

(1) The most obvious reason: if it tastes good, it’s bad for you.  And I enjoy eating more than being thin.

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