Intern(et)al Organs

It’s strange how entwined our lives have become with technology.  In my mind, I’d thought I was almost exempt from this reality, because at our house we don’t have cable TV, high speed Internet–we don’t even have a land line for the phone.

But as I’ve made the transition out of SonRise, I’ve  discovered that my office computer has become kind of like an internal organ.  It’s painful to tear it out, and it’s a long, complicated, involved process–it even requires recovery time!  My email, online bookmarks, podcast subscriptions, numerous automatic passwords, and many other computer-related aspects of daily life have been greatly disrupted.  I had no idea how much I depended on this stuff!  It’s kind of unnerving.

And to think we laughed at the idea of robots taking over the world.  Seems their cousin, the computer, already has.

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  1. With all these conveniences that we are continually getting used to we are heading towards a dystopian existience. We are slaves to our own devices

  2. I feel ya, man.

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