The Disturbing Smell of Burning Bone

Man, I sure am grateful that God made novocaine. 

I just got back from the dentist.  He had to fill in this place that had cavity potential, and he started by spraying some air on the place.  When he asked if it hurt, I nodded.  So he shot me up with novocaine and went to work.

While he had some loud drill thing in my mouth, I could see a shower of little white fragments spraying from my mouth, accompanied by a strong smell of burning teeth.  It was weird.  I don’t know even want to know what that would’ve felt like if I wasn’t numb.

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  1. man i hate that smell there is something about it that gets to my core. is’sprobably something like burning bodies or flesh,but what’s worse is the smell of a dead body that’s ripe!!!

  2. You know what’s the worst thing? When I was a teenager I had a dentist and he had the worst breath ever. He would lean over to examine mouth and when he start to talk, I could smell his breath through the mouth cover he wore. I was trapped in the chair, my only option was to hold my breath every time he came in close to talk. I thought I was the only one who noticed until my mom told me the same story about the dentist… LOL

  3. Wow, that is bad. You’d think a dentist might have a solution to a problem like that.

    The only problem I have with my dentist is that he’s funny, and sometimes it’s hard to keep from laughing, which would be a bad thing when there’s a drill in your mouth.

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