Yo’ Mama

There are some amazing mom stories in the Bible.  A number of preachers I’ve talked with feel stuck every Mothers Day because they don’t know what to preach about.  Some of them say that there’s not a lot about mothers in the Scripture.  But as I’ve done the biblical research for my first Mothers Day, I’ve found that there’s actually a ton of material!  I’ve already had to cut my sermon for this week in half to allow for time considerations.  (However, next year I’ll probably avoid doing a mom-related Mothers Day message, to help prevent us from getting stuck in the rut of having the calendar dictate the content of our worship services.)

This Sunday we’re going to look at Moses’ moms.  He had two of them–his biological mother, who raised him probably until he was a toddler; and his adoptive mother, a princess who took him in as her own son and raised him to adulthood.

We can learn some amazing things from these two women, whose names are not even given in Scripture.  (Based on one text, an argument can be made that we know the name of his biological mothers, but it’s uncertain.)

Two things stand out about these moms: their courage and their compassion.  Both of them are part of a heart-wrenching tale.  A lot of our moms today have much in common with these two heroic mothers, and we’ll be exploring that in more detail this Sunday.

If you’re local, we’d love to have you join us this Sunday at 11:00 a.m. as we talk about yer mama!

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