Little Eastern Shore Foxes

Jesus said, “Foxes have holes…” (Luke 9:58).  Carolyn and I found one of them the other day.

When we were out driving on Sunday, we spotted some little foxes playing in a field.  There were five or six of them.  Most of them were really little–maybe not babies, but definitely not adults.  They were playing near a large hole in the ground which I guess is their home.  It was really entertaining–they kept pouncing on each other and rolling around playfully.  They acted like a bunch of puppies.

The next day we drove out there with Carolyn’s camera.  It’s not a professional camera or anything, but it still has a pretty decent zoom lens.  So she got a few pictures of the little foxes playing.  There were only two this time–it was still a little early in the evening, so the others were probably still sleeping.  In the last photo, the fox is in midair, caught in the act of jumping on one of his siblings.

foxes emerging from hole

playing foxes

jumping fox

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  1. That is so incredibly cool to have on film! The pictures make it look like they spread a blanket for a playful picnic at the park. Very neat.

    On one of my recent trips to Gettysburg I saw what appeared to be a white fox at the base of Little Round Top. His behavior was much as you described, although it seemed more of a hunting technique (as he was alone). I’ve since asked a couple of Rangers at the park if they’ve seen a similar animal, and one of them had. I don’t believe it was an albino fox – does anyone know what this animal may have been?

    Cool pictures, Nathan. Thanks for sharing.

  2. wow, nice pics. Can’t believe they’re living so close to humans

  3. Dylan, why don’t you believe it was an albino fox?

    Ty, yeah–they’re living pretty close to people. But the pictures can be a little misleading, because they make the house in the background look quite a bit closer than it actually is.

    And speaking of hunting, when Carolyn was there taking pictures,there was a big fat groundhog pretty close to the foxes. I was afraid it might become dinner, but Carolyn went to visit the foxes the next day (there were three little ones this time), and she saw the groundhog again. I guess they’re friendly neighbors.

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