Leadership Lessons from Brian Moss

Yesterday I had lunch with Brian Moss, senior pastor of Oak Ridge Baptist Church in Salisbury.  We had a great discussion and I gleaned some very helpful and practical insights from him.  Some of the highlights:

  • No two stages of church growth are the same.  As a church grows larger, it must be led differently and structured differently.  This theme ran throughout our conversation.  As a pastor who came to a church of about 50 people and has seen it grow to 1,200 in eight years, he knows a thing or two about the different stages of church growth.  At each level, everything must be evaluated and adjusted.
  • Be intentional.  Success never happens by accident.  Church leaders must pray and cast the vision, but also do the hard work of developing and implementing a strategy.  Everything must be done intentionally.
  • We must motivate people to excel.  One of the toughest and most rewarding tasks a pastor has is to motivate people to discover their gifts and use them for God’s glory. 
  • However you want to phrase it, the church’s unchanging mission is to make disciples.  This one seems obvious, but I’d never thought about it so clearly and succinctly.  Make disciples.  That’s it.  There’s a lot of talk these days about churches discovering their mission.  You can word it however you want, but it comes down to one thing that will never change: our mission is to make disciples.
  • Ask questions.  Instead of always making statements, ask questions.  This helps people process information and reach conclusions on their own.  I think one tendency that many leaders have is to just tell everyone how it is.  But people are smart, and they can figure things out.  When a question is put to them, they become involved personally in the process.
  • And my favorite: The church is like a rollercoaster–it’s fun as long as there are not too many loops and turns.  If it’s too straight, everyone’s bored.  If it’s too twisty, everyone’s throwing up.

I’m thankful that Pastor Brian was willing to give up a good chunk of his time to spend with me, sharing his experience and wisdom.  Our conversation was both inspiring and challenging, and I look forward to putting these lessons into practice!

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