Major Props to My Homies

On Sunday we had a guest preacher, Butch Marvin, from the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area.  He’s been ministering here for over a year, coming down to preach once a month.  Carolyn and I had the privelege of having breakfast on Sunday morning with Butch and his wife, Mary.  He’s a really neat guy, and it’s uncanny how much he’s like Pastor Daryl at SonRise!  Butch is like a mix of Daryl and Rick Warren.  Very evangelistic and entrepreneurial, and a strong leader.

In his message, he did a visual with the congregation.  He used the story in Exodus where Aaron and Hur hold up Moses’ arms to support him.  Butch had us all raise our hands and prop up each others’ arms.

Now this sounds really stupid, but it really impacted me: This was a great visual illustration of the saying “props to my homies.”  In the church, we’re all homies in Christ.  And we need to prop each other up.  We need to give major props to our homies.

I started to share this at the end of the service on Sunday, but Carolyn gave me the silent “stop-talking-dummy” sign, so I stopped.  I’ve found that she’s usually wiser about these things than I am.  But I wanted to share it, because I was almost moved to tears by the visual impact of giving props to my homies.

Yet as Ecclesiastes says, there’s a time for everything.  And perhaps that wasn’t the time.  But–heheh–my wife doesn’t usually read my blog. So, PROPS TO MY HOMIES!!!

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