The Latest at CrossWay

At CrossWay Church, we’re now working on the next two steps: designing a logo and creating a website.  I’m meeting with a graphic designer week after next, and I’ve already met with a website guy.  The website dude makes some really good, high-quality stuff, but I don’t think we can afford him at this point.  Too bad, because it kind of puts us in a bind: having a website is essential, but even worse than not having a website is having a hokey one. 

Any thoughts?

I’m toying with the idea of creating a new church blog as a temporary website.  That way we’d have something decent and functional, and when we grow to the point of being able to afford a professional, we’ll already have a domain and can simply switch the hosting and all that.

One problem with waiting until then is that it would probably leave me emailless.  Some things in today’s world are difficult without email, and I really want to go with a CrossWay address.

Anywho, that’s part of what’s going on with the new happenings at the church.

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