Day 6: Stonehenge

Below is the sixth journal entry recording the events of the trip Carolyn and I took to England and France in July of 2006:

Sunday, July 23, 2006 London, England

This morning we slept in until about 9:00, giving us both some much needed rest. I tried to find a church to go to (on the Internet before we left, and as we walked around here), but was unable to find one that wasn’t all cathedraly.

So we took the Jubilee line down to Waterloo, where we took a train out to Salisbury. We hopped on a bus for the 20-30 minute ride out to Stonehenge. It was very cool to see it in person. The bus lets you out across the street, where you pay an admission fee and walk through a short underground tunnel to Stonehenge. There’s a roped-off circle around the stones, so you can walk all the way around it. It’s set in the middle of some low-lying green hills, with farms and sheep nearby. It really made me wonder what could have motivated those ancient people to go to such great effort to construct Stonehenge. That’d be funny if God just made it to mystify people.

We hung out on the grass near the stones while we waited for our bus. When it came, we took it back to Salisbury and walked around the town. Part of it is cityish-looking with traffic and lots of shops; the other side is absolutely beautiful, with green parks, a river with walking bridges, flowers everywhere, and an enormous, stunning old cathedral.

Salisbury Cathedral 


If you look closely, you can see part of The King’s Head Inn in the background. 

We walked around for awhile, ate lunch at the King’s Head Inn, walked around more, and took the train back to Waterloo. In contrast to our first week here, today was very relaxing, easygoing, and slower-paced.

At the Waterloo station, Carolyn called home and talked briefly with Christopher. We picked up a schedule for our ride to Windsor tomorrow and bought food for dinner at Simply Food, which we brought back here and just finished eating. Carolyn had a Mexican bean tortilla wrap and I had a tuna and sweet corn sandwich. We got some weird chips (“crisps”), some dessert thing, and raspberries. We got back to our room around 9:00 p.m., which I believe is the earliest since we’ve been here. It’ll be nice to get another full night’s sleep!

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  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Stonehenge.

  2. It’s a cool place to see, but it’s kind of funny because after you walk around it once and see it–which doesn’t take long at all–you’re kind of like, “Okay, now what?”

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