Holographic Haggai

Yesterday at CrossWay Church we began a two-part series on the book of Haggai. In the first week, we learned from Haggai that we can see reality more clearly when we look through the lens of God’s promises to us. I lit a candle that was set on a table up front and asked everyone what they saw. A candle and a flame, obviously. Then we gave everyone a pair of holographic glasses and asked them to look at the candle again and tell us what they saw. Depending on the glasses they had, some people saw the name “Jesus” in rainbow colors encircling the flame, others saw a colorful cross, and others saw an icthus (a fish which was an ancient Christian symbol–I’m sure you’ve seen them on the backs of people’s cars).

It was pretty funny because I looked out and saw all these people wearing these goofy glasses–it looked like an old poster advertising a 3-D monster movie. What was equally funny was this group of adults that were like kindergarten kids who’d gotten a new toy. Even after waiting a couple minutes, I had to bang on the pulpit and yell, “Order in the court!” to regain everyone’s attention! Amusing stuff.

Here’s my mother-in-law modeling a pair of holographic glasses while my father-in-law tries to pretend he doesn’t know her:

Carolyn had her camera with her to take pictures for the website. She held the camera up to her holographic glasses and took a picture of the candle. I saw her doing this but didn’t think it would work. But it did! She sure is creative–I’m really glad she thought of that. It’s pretty cool. Here’s the picture:

The action step for yesterday’s message was to commit to participating in a church-wide Bible study that we’re going to start in a couple weeks. We’ll look through the Scriptures to explore together God’s purposes for His church.

Meanwhile, the website and podcasting are still under construction. We’ll be at http://crossway.cc. If you go there now you’ll see a “Coming Soon” message with our temporary (maybe not-so-temporary) logo.

And some good news that I’m happy about–after two months, I finally have a functional new email address! I still have to send out an email notifying everyone, but my new email address is nathan@crossway.cc.

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