Give Careful Thought to Your Ways

Yesterday at CrossWay we finished our two-part series on the Book of Haggai. Last week we talked about how we see a greater vision of reality when we look through the lens of God’s promises to us. Yesterday we saw how our priorities determine our choices and our choices determine the quality of our lives.

Whenever we’re not content with the condition of our lives or the direction that we’re headed, we’re often tempted to try harder or to do more. But often the problem is simply that our priorities are mixed up. If we worship at the altar of the god of happiness, it will eventually lead to a life that is empty and miserable.

So how can we discover our priorities and make any needed adjustments? We can follow God’s advice to the Israelites through the prophet Haggai: Give careful thought to your ways.

Next week we’re going to begin a church-wide Bible study where we’ll discuss some questions about our church. In other words, as a church, we’ll give careful thought to our ways.

In the meantime, everyone was given a handout with some sample questions to help them hit life’s pause button and give careful thought to their ways. Those questions included:

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how would I rate my relationship with God?
  • What can I do–or stop doing–to improve my relationship with God?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how would I rate my relationships with my family?
  • How can I improve these relationships?
  • What is my #1 priority?
  • If someone who didn’t know me examined my checkbook, studied my schedule, and interviewed the people around me, what might they conclude is my #1 priority?
  • Are the answers to the last two questions identical? If not, what practical changes can I make so that the way I use my resources reflects the things that are most important to me?

If you decide to tackle this exercise, I’d strongly encourage you to write out your answers. As Francis Bacon is credited with observing: Writing makes an exact man.

Give careful thought to your ways!

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