Last night Carolyn and I saw Riverdance at Wolf Trap.  I’m not one for all that dancing stuff, but it was really, really cool.  (Every time I see one of those dancer guys leap 12 feet in the air, I just can’t help thinking that he should be playing basketball.  But anyway…)  Some of the stuff just wasn’t my thing, like the Spanish lady who waved her arms around and twirled her skirt.  Or the shirtless guy who rolled around on the stage.

But most of it was simply amazing.  The technical precision of the dancers shows the kind of remarkable feat (pun intended–sorry) that people can accomplish with years of intense training.  It kind of makes me wonder what other kinds of things we could accomplish if we apply that same kind of tenacity.

Two parts of the performance were the coolest.  One was when a couple black guys came out dressed like tap dancers from Harlem in the 1920s.  They had jazz music playing as they danced with a very free-spirited, expressive style.  Then some Irish guys came out dancing very Irishy to a fiddle.  The two groups went back and forth seamlessly, alternating not only the dancing but also the music.  Then both styles of music and both styles of dancing blended as they all went at it.  It was so impressive.  It was also pretty funny, because a few times the black guys imitated the Irish dudes–it was hilarious!

The other coolest part, which occurred several times, was when most of the dancers were all out on the stage at the same time.  The sheer power of their perfectly synchronized movements was awesome.  The thunder of their feet moving rhythmically to the music–at times altogether replacing the instruments–was stirring.  They did some other things I can’t even begin to describe, but it was impressive.

There have been times when I wished I was one of those people who “get” fine art.  But I’m not.  Those fine art people might have appreciated Riverdance on a more artistic level than I did, but I don’t think they could have enjoyed it more.  If you ever get a chance to catch this show, I definitely recommend it!

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