CrossWay On Purpose – Session 2

Last night we held the second session of our church-wide Bible study, CrossWay On Purpose.  Attendance was up, as we had 16 people.  We got through more Bible passages than last week–all the way through the Gospels.

We started out by passing around some cookbooks that I brought from home.  Right away people noticed how new and unused they look!  Usually cookbooks have at least a little bit of splattered butter or flour or some kind of sauce on them.  But nope–not these.

The reason is that I don’t use them.  They’re fun to look through, especially the pictures of really tasty-looking food.  And each recipe tells me exactly what I need to make the dish, and exactly how I can make it, step by step.  I have all that information at my disposal, but I never actually use it–I never put it into practice.  You’re much more likely to find me nuking something in the microwave, tossing a frozen pizza in the oven, or slopping together a sandwich than trying to actually cook something.  I’ve got the cookbooks, but that doesn’t make me a cook.

In the same way, the Bible tells us everything we need to know in order to be the church that God made us to be.  But just knowing these things is not enough.  Just reading what it says won’t make us the church God has in mind any more than knowing a recipe makes me a cook.  As we read all these Bible passages about what to do and what to be as a church, we must look ahead to the end of the study.  When we complete our Bible study, we’ll turn to the practical part of actually doing this stuff.  That’s the part that is the hardest work; it’s also the part that’s the most rewarding.

After this discussion we jumped into these passages: Matthew 22:36-40; 24:14; 25:34-40; 28:18-20; Mark 10:43-45; Luke 4:18-19; 4:43-44; John 4:23; 10:14-18; 13:34-35; 20:21.

Out of these passages, this is what we found God wants His church to be and to do:

·         love God

·         love people

·         love God with all our: heart, mind, soul, strength

·         love with undivided love

·         love yourself

·         get the Word—the Gospel of the Kingdom—out to everyone in the whole world

·         continue spreading the Word

·         we are commissioned

·         testify to what God has done for us personally

·         be witnesses of what we have seen

·         prepare people for the end coming

·         meet people’s needs

·         be aware of people’s needs

·         serve willingly

·         minister without hesitation or holding back

·         feed the hungry

·         clothe the naked

·         visit the sick

·         provide medical care

·         visit the prisoners

·         welcome strangers

·         give water to the thirsty

·         receive our inheritance

·         share our inheritance

·         provide shelter

·         minister to the least of these

·         make disciples

·         go!

·         be fishers of men

·         teach obedience to everything Jesus commands

·         baptize people

·         go with assurance

·         go in the authority & Spirit of Jesus

·         go in Jesus’ name

·         point people to Jesus

·         make disciples of all nations

·         be last

·         serve

·         be servants

·         be first to serve and last to be served

·         be part of a radical counterculture

·         serve & live sacrificially

·         model ourselves after Jesus

·         serve humbly, expecting nothing back

·         be in the world but not of the world

·         pursue God’s standard of greatness

·         preach Good News

·         proclaim freedom

·         preach under God’s anointing

·         be Spirit-filled

·         heal the brokenhearted

·         release & set free

·         be sent by God

·         preach deliverance to the captives

·         give sight to the blind

·         bring hope—spiritually & physically

·         share the Good News of Hope

·         be preachers of the Good News

·         go to the gathering places (like cyberspace)

·         be obedient

·         keep focused

·         keep going & preaching

·         preach in the places of worship (like the Internet & TV)

·         worship God in spirit & truth

·         worship God in the present & future (not to let the past hinder us from worshiping Him)

·         gather sheep

·         shepherd the sheep

·         know the Shepherd

·         recognize the Shepherd’s voice

·         lay down our lives for the sheep

·         put others’ needs above our wants

·         be born again

·         live a resurrected life

·         be united

·         listen for the Shepherd’s voice

·         love each other

·         love each other as Christ loves us

·         build relationships

·         be intentional about loving each other

·         love others in the way they need to be loved

·         love sacrificially

·         be peacemakers

·         be sent by Jesus as He was sent by the Father

·         go into the world as Christ’s ambassadors

·         embody the peace of Christ

·         go in the power & authority of Christ

·         be missionaries where we are

 We had some pretty good discussion about what it means to be missional in our context, especially as it relates to helping the poor

One insight that especially stood out to me is that gathering places today are not always actual physical locations.  Jesus hung out at wells–the places where people gathered.  We still have many of those places, like malls, bars, beaches, etc.  But there are also countless millions hanging out in cyberspace.  What a mission field!  What a great way to meet and minister to people!  One of the challenges for today’s church is meeting people where they are by redeeming technology.  We need to be intentional about using the opportunities presented by technology–opportunities to get past people’s defenses and meet them on their own territory, on their own terms… in cyberspace.

It’s been interesting zipping through the Gospels and seeing what Jesus did, that we also should do.  Next week we’ll be getting into Acts and the letters written by the first followers of Jesus, which get into even more detail about what the church should be and do.

Since next Wednesday is July 4th, we’re going to have a cookout here at the church at 5:30.  We’ll do Session 3 of CrossWay On Purpose, then head into Ocean City together to watch the fireworks.  It’ll be awesome!

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