Go Fish

This morning at CrossWay we’re kicking off the series “I’d Rather Be Fishing,” which we’re doing in conjunction with SonRise and The Gathering Tree.  Today’s message is the first of four, and it’s called “Go Fish.”

The point is that God has prepared a plan for us, and He has prepared us for His plan.  We’re looking at the story in Luke 5:1-11 where Jesus calls Peter to follow Him.

Jesus showed Peter what happens when we stop doing things our way and start doing them His way.  He opened Peter’s eyes to see both Jesus and himself for who they really were.  He taught him that he needed to form partnerships as he followed God’s call on his life.  And Christ taught Peter that he didn’t need to go to seminary, become a missionary in China, or even change jobs in order to follow God’s plan for his life.

He would still be a fisherman, only now he would fish for people.   God had a plan prepared for Peter, and all along He had been preparing Peter for His plan.

In the same way, God has a plan prepared for you, and He has prepared you for His plan.  What we need to do to discover and follow this plan is look at where at God has led us up to this point, ask for His direction, listen for His voice, and then do what He says.  And then we get to watch how God works through us.

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  1. Hi Nathan. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I truly appreciate it! I’m truly enjoying blogging. I’m so glad I started. How are things at Cross Way?

  2. Hey Jumaine! Things are rolling along at CrossWay. We’re just trying to move at the speed of God!

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