Fish Bait

Yesterday at CrossWay Church was the third part in our series “I’d Rather Be Fishing.”  This message, “Fish Bait,” was about how Jesus Christ is the God of second chances.

We looked at the story of Jonah.   He was a prophet who ran from God’s calling on him until God came after him and brought him back.  His story illustrates the five steps that we go through when we run from the Lord and are brought back by Him:

First, God calls us.  This is the theme of this whole series.  God has a calling, a divine plan, for every person.   Our responsibility is to answer the call, to follow the plan.

Second, sometimes we run from God.  For various reasons, we don’t want to do what He calls us to do.  He calls us all, like Peter, to be “fishermen,” but sometimes we jump out of the boat… and find ourselves in some stinky situations.  A fisherman who jumps out of the boat will often find himself as fish bait for the big one.

Third, God intervenes.  In Jonah’s case, God called him to preach the Gospel to his hated enemies.  Jonah refused.  Instead he hopped on a ship headed the opposite direction.  So God sent a huge storm to mess with the boat.  The other guys on board tossed him overboard in an effort to appease God.  It looked like it was all over for Jonah, but God sent a huge fish to swallow him.  I’m sure a fish’s stomach is a nasty place to spend three days and three nights, but our reluctant prophet recognized it as God’s rescue.

Fourth, we turn back to God.  Jonah had a little revival and praise service there in the fish’s digestive system.  The fish didn’t respond too well–he puked Jonah up on shore.  When we run from God and He intervenes and we turn back to Him, we might find ourselves a lot worse off than when He first called us, but at least our hearts are back in the right place.

Fifth, God gives us a second chance.  The beginning of the Book of Jonah says that the word of the Lord came to Jonah.  After this whole experience, Scripture says that the word of the Lord came to Jonah a second time.   He was given a second chance!  And this time he obeyed, preached to his enemies, and they turned to God.  The Lord’s will was done.

Jesus Christ is all about second chances.  That’s why He came here–to give us another chance.  He is the God of second chances.  No matter how far we’ve gone from God, Jesus will always take us back when we turn to Him.  And He gives us another opportunity to follow God’s path for our lives.

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