Wild Ponies, Wild Waves, and a Wild Baptism

CrossWay Church had its first baptism yesterday, together with SonRise Church and The Gathering Tree. It was a triplecord event, celebrating the conclusion of our first triplecord series, “I’d Rather Be Fishing.” We also had fresh grilled tuna–a ton of it. It was so fresh and delicious! Pastor Daryl and some other guys went deep sea fishing the other day and caught this tuna. It was in the ocean only three days before we ate it!

It was definitely a wild event. It was one of the windiest days I’ve seen at the beach, and I’ve never seen waves like that at Assateague! People were getting wiped out left and right. No one got baptized only once. The waves were wild and erratic and knocking everyone around. It was like baptizing a crowd in a storm!

There were roughly 300 people present from all three churches, not counting all the curious onlookers. We baptized a total of over 20 people. From CrossWay we baptized Levi, a courageous 12-year-old who was undeterred by the wild waves. In fact, of the two dozen people scheduled to be baptized, only three chose to be baptized in a pool after we left the beach! I can’t even describe how awesome and exciting the whole thing was. Unfortunately–to my great regret!–Carolyn and I didn’t have her camera there so I can’t post pictures right now. But other people shot plenty of pictures and some video, so I’ll post those on here as soon as possible.

Baptizing Levi the way it happened was very unconventional. I had explained to him beforehand exactly how it would go–or at least how I thought it would go. My explanation was very methodical and orderly. The Gathering Tree was to go first, followed by CrossWay, then SonRise. But the water was so wild, the wind so high, and the crowd so large that we ended up just having a baptizing free-for-all! Multiple baptisms were happening as the water got rougher and rougher, and we all just kept baptizing several people the best we could until it was all done. Levi and I went out in the waves with his dad, LJ. We did the talking part on the shore in front of the surf. When we got out in the water, I didn’t stand beside Levi and bring him down perpendicular to me, like a normal baptism. Instead, as a wave came, LJ and I just quickly leaned him back into the wave and quickly brought him up. It was very unusual and very awesome. I was very proud of Levi!

It was really neat combining all three churches to wrap up this series by eating, baptizing, and having a great time together. All three churches had a great turnout. I can’t wait for us to do this again!

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  1. Congratulations on the baptism! It’s always great to hear how God is moving in His churches.

  2. Yep, and yesterday He was moving in very visible ways!

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