God’s Flickr Account

Flickr is cool.  It’s a free website where you can share your pictures with the world.

Yesterday Carolyn was creating a video for a series we’re doing in September, and she was getting frustrated.  She was looking online for pictures to go with the song she’s using in the video.  The song talks about people and events that happened long before cameras were invented, and she was struggling to find artistic portrayals that worked well with the video.  At one point she commented on how you can’t exactly do a Google image search and find a photograph of the angel Gabriel appearing to Mary.

It kind of got me thinking…  I know this sounds stupid, but how cool would that be if God had a Flickr account?  That’d be so awesome if one day He just decided to post His family photos online.  “Here’s Jesus as a baby–oh hey, here’s His first step!  And here’s the daycare He went to in Egypt…”  Imagine seeing His photos of Creation Day #4, the look on the faces of Baal’s prophets when He burned up Elijah’s sacrifice, or Moses posing with a smile as he holds the Ten Commandments.

Okay, so maybe it sounds dumb.  But I still say it’d be cool if God had a Flickr account.

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