CrossWay On Purpose Goes Into Extra Innings

Last night at CrossWay On Purpose we had a great discussion.  The Bible study is supposed to end at 8:00 p.m., and I admit that we initially went over because I kept it going, but everyone was so into the discussion that they kept it going until about 8:45!

The fact that everyone stuck around so long says a lot.  Actually, they didn’t just stick around–they were very much into what was being discussed!  What also says a lot is what was being said.  We talked about various things that we need to do in order to be more effective at connecting with people.

One of the really neat things was that so many people really took initiative in the conversation, which revealed what was on their heart.  Some shared ideas about evangelistic efforts, while others shared thoughts about connecting with visitors, and others contributed suggestions for ministering to those whose paths we cross.  It was so neat to see people getting excited about the work that lies ahead of us!  And it was also exciting to hear some of the insights people had about who we are and who our community is.

I’ll share more about this later on when I post the summary of last night’s study.

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