Finishing My Work for God’s Glory

John 17:4: “I have brought You glory on earth by finishing the work You gave Me to do.”

In this verse, Jesus is nearing the end of His ministry on earth, and He offers this prayer up to God the Father.

This particular part of His prayer can be broken down like this:
(1) The Father gave His Son some specific work to do.
(2) Jesus finished the work He was assigned.
(3) God was glorified as a result.

God has also given me a particular work to do, and if I finish it, He will be glorified. That must be my aim and my motivation: to glorify my God.

There is also a warning in this: If I give my time and energy and attention to something other than the work God has given me, to the neglect of what He has called me to do, then He will not be glorified in my ilfe. What a waste of a life that would be!

This verse–this prayer of our Lord–highlights the importance of discovering and pursuing the work that God calls each one of us to. This requires effort. It requires patience. It calls for clarity and focus. It also demands a pure motivation: God’s glory.

If we don’t find and do–if we never even begin–the work God has called us to, we’ll obviously never finish it. It takes a lifetime!

As a pastor & Bible teacher, God has called me to the work of making disciplemaking disciples of Jesus Christ. I must be intentional and determined if I am to finish this work for God’s glory!

My work is to love God, to love people, and to help others do the same. In a phrase: the work I must finish to glorify God is to help people be like Jesus.

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