CrossWay On Purpose – Session 8

On Wednesday we had 8 people for CrossWay On Purpose. We’re near the end of the Bible passages we’ve been studying! In Session 8, we looked at Revelation 2:1-7, 8-11, 12-17, 18-29. These four passages cover a special message that Jesus had for four specific churches. And He has the same message for us today at CrossWay. Here’s what we found that Christ wants us to be and to do:

  • do good works
  • work hard
  • repent from sin
  • persevere
  • discern between true teachers & false teachers
  • hear what the Spirit says to the church and do what He says
  • not tolerate false prophets
  • keep love for Jesus #1
  • endure hardships for Jesus
  • not grow weary
  • not lose focus on basics
  • be spiritually rich
  • not be materialistic
  • not be afraid
  • be faithful
  • be disciples
  • not fear suffering
  • we will be tested
  • help save others
  • go out in the world without becoming worldly
  • stay true to our faith
  • not be enticed by immorality
  • hold each other accountable
  • not tolerate false teaching
  • avoid sexual immorality
  • avoid idolatry
  • hold fast until Jesus comes
  • be victorious
  • do God’s will to the end
  • continue doing good deeds
  • love
  • exercise faith
  • engage in service
  • grow & increase in good works
  • repent of immorality
  • keep our hearts & minds pure
  • know who we are & Whose we are

We closed with a time of prayer. Next week we’ll look at three more churches in Revelation, then we’ll move on to the next phase of the study.

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