Happy Birthday, Jazlyn!

My not-so-little-anymore niece Jazlyn turns 9 today. Happy birthday, Jazlyn! A few Jazlyn birthday facts:

  • The first of my parents’ 3 (soon to be 4) grandchildren, Jazlyn is now halfway to legal adulthood.
  • When Jazlyn was born, Mark McGwire had held the record for most homers in a season for only five days.
  • My brother, his wife Kristi, and I lived three and a half hours from the hospital where Jazlyn was born. When we heard that Jazlyn’s mom, Sheila, was in labor, Kristi drove the three of us to the hospital–in two and a half hours.
  • In the days surrounding Jazlyn’s birth, parts of cyberspace experienced gridlock as 20 million people logged on to read Ken Starr’s report on President Clinton.
  • Jazlyn was–and is–the cutest little girl ever. (By some amazing coincidence, her two cousins just happen to be tied for being the cutest little boys ever. It’s a fact–look it up.)
  • Jazlyn is the world’s biggest Hannah Montana fan. Once when I asked for her autograph, she even signed it “Hannah Montana.” She can recite numerous episodes from memory.
  • In one year, Jazlyn will be a decade old.
  • Jazlyn is the only one of my parents’ grandchildren to be born in the 20th century.
  • Jazlyn and my wife Carolyn are big buddies. It’s so cute the way they love hanging out together. For Jazlyn’s birthday, they went shopping for watches together.
  • On my last birthday, Jazlyn gave me one of the best birthday presents ever by calling me (she hates talking on the phone).
  • I hope Jazlyn has a wonderful, exciting 9th birthday!!!
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  1. Jazlyn’s playing trumpet in her school band this year. She’s named the instrument “Hannah Montana the Trumpet.”

  2. Wow dude, that’s over the top! See folks, I told you…

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