Good Ol’ Eastern Shore Culture

The past couple nights Carolyn and I have gotten to enjoy some good ol’ Eastern Shore culture.

On Thursday we went to opening night at Sunfest in Ocean City.  It’s cool having opening night on a Thursday, because even though there were a lot of people, we were actually able to get a parking spot not far away.  We enjoyed the cool and unusual exhibits, but the best part was the crab ball sub smothered in Old Bay, hot sauce, and cocktail sauce.  A close second was the frozen chocolate-dipped cheesecake, a tradition that Carolyn and I indulge in twice a year at Springfest and Sunfest.

We bought some roses made of birchwood chips, which Carolyn saw once before and really liked.  She got a premade arrangement for a friend of hers at work, and put together a really pretty bouquet for a friend at my work.  This place had a lot of interesting colors, but they also had some green roses and some black roses which looked kind of weird.

Last night we hit the opening of the Berlin Fiddlers Convention.  I must confess that my real motivation for wanting to go there was for the pulled pork nachos.  The only place I ever get to eat those are the Fiddlers Convention and the Delmarva Chicken Festival.  And wow, they are GOOD!!!  We sat down and ate them near the entrance, and from the looks and comments and questions we got, I think it was pretty good advertising for the place where we got them.

Entertaining as Sunfest and the Fiddlers Convention are, the most entertaining thing at these large public gatherings is always the people.  It’s so interesting the way people are so different!

It was also pretty cool because I’ve been wanting Carolyn to meet some of the Training Station kids I’ve told her about, and we ran into one of them at Sunfest and another one at the Fiddlers Convention.  Last night we also saw several friends from SonRise that we hadn’t seen in a while, which was great.

Now we just need to make sure that we don’t miss the Crisfield Crab Derby next year.

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