Bible Horror Movie

One of the really cool things I enjoy about being married to Carolyn is having a wife who reads the Bible with me.  We’ve done different kinds of Bible study/reading together.  The past few months we’ve been reading through a chronological Bible, which arranges the Bible (or at least attempts to) according to the order in which events actually occurred.  (The way Scripture is ordered, a lot of events overlap or jump back and forth in history.) It’s been pretty interesting.

Carolyn has a bunch of great insights into the stuff we read–insights and funny comments.  It’s so interesting to read the Bible with someone and get another person’s perspective on what we’re reading.

Recently we were reading in Ezekiel 37 about the dry bones that came back to life.  I’d encourage you to click on the link in that last sentence and read the story for yourself, but here’s a brief summary: God gave the prophet Ezekiel a vision of a field full of old human bones.  The bones started moving and pieced themselves together into a bunch of skeletons.  Then muscles and tendons and guts formed on them.  Then they got covered with skin.  So there are all these dead bodies lying there.  Then God summons the wind, and He uses it to blow the breath of life into the bodies and they come alive.

I’ve read that story and heard it preached about several times (usually in a message about revival), but never thought of something until Carolyn pointed it out when we read it recently: This story sounds like something out of a horror movie!  If someone decided to make a film out of this passage, it’d be an R-rated horror flick.  Spooky, gory stuff!  Carolyn pointed out that even after they come alive, she pictured them looking like an army of spaced-out zombies.  I’d probably run!

I mean, try to visualize that actually happening.  It’s pretty creepy. Eeww, even.

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