God’s Revelation: Creation

One of the great things about little kids is that they have an amazing sense of wonder about the world around them.  When the children at our preschool are playing outside, one of them will see a cricket and shout: “Cricket!  I found a cricket!”  All the kids will come running excitedly to the scene of the cricket find.  This happens about 10 times every day.

Last week I was outside on the playground and heard a little voice yell: “Leaves!”  I turned around to see a two-year-old standing there with a big grin, holding in his hands a small pile of… you guessed it… leaves.  He was so excited to have some leaves.

As we get older, we tend to lose our enthusiasm and wonder about God’s creation.  Yet a renewed sense of wonder about God’s creation can lead to a new sense of wonder about God the Creator.

A few things we can learn about who God is, just by observing His creation around us:

(1) All of creation has God as its source.  (See Genesis 1:1; John 1:3.)  This means that He is the center of the universe.  We have a tendency to create our own center for the little imaginary universe that we’ve created for ourselves to live in.  But in objective reality, the Creator God is the center.

(2) God preserves and renews what has been made.  (See Matthew 6:25-33.)  This shows us that He cares–He loves us!  With every breath and every beat of your heart, God is preserving and renewing your life.  We are free to focus on the things of God, because He’s promised to take care of all the other little stuff.

(3) The world has been created good because God is good.  (See Genesis 1:31; 1 Timothy 4:4.)  God made everything good; we are the ones who messed it up.  Just as our sin has tainted the image of God in which we were made, it has also tarnished the rest of creation.  Sin’s repercussions are much more destructive than we often realize.  But just as God restores us in Jesus Christ, He will also restore His creation.  The Bible says that once this process is complete, the world will be such a beautiful and peaceful place that animals won’t even eat each other anymore!

(4) The world provides all that is needed for life.  (For instance, see Psalm 104:1-33.)  God is the Life Giver.  He is gracious.  Our planet has such delicate systems that have to work in balance in order for life to continue.  This is true on a bigger scale, too: our universe has to be positioned just right for us to live.  For example, the next planet between us and the sun, Venus, is way too hot for us to live there.  On the other hand, the next one out, Mars, is way too cold.  And this truth also applies on a smaller scale: our human bodies are comprised of systems that have to work in harmony in order for us to be healthy or even to live.  If something goes just a little bit wrong with our heart, or lungs, or brain, etc.–we’re dunfer.

In all these ways and many, many others, God shows us in His creation what a loving, powerful, and good God He is.

The podcast of this message will be available soon.  You can access it through the CrossWay Church website.

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