ACC Conference & Mexican Food

Last Friday night Carolyn and I drove to Oxford, Pennsylvania, to spend the night at Michael & Kristen’s new house (that’s her sister, and her sister’s husband). The house is new for them, but not new–it was built in 1888. Pretty cool. They’ve done a lot to it!

On Saturday morning Carolyn’s parents met us at the house. Steve and I headed to Ridgeview Mennonite Church for our conference’s annual assembly, while the others went shopping at Amish farms.

The assembly was an interesting experience. We met in the church’s sanctuary for the first half. There was a message shared by a Puerto Rican pastor. It was in Spanish, translated into English by an interpreter. It was the first time I’d ever seen a whole sermon done that way. There were reports from various agencies connected to the conference. To some it might have been pretty boring, but it was really interesting to me because I have so much to learn about our conference and about the Mennonite denomination since I’m so new to it. It was like getting a crash course in Mennonite church life.

We had lunch downstairs in the fellowship hall. After lunch we had some more reports. They had asked me to share a little bit about what God’s doing in our church, so I did that and led us in prayer. There were more reports and some round table discussion about decisions facing the conference.

The meeting closed about 3:45 and we headed back to Michael & Kristen’s house to meet the others. We all headed to California Tortilla for dinner. That place is great! They have delicious Mexican food and a ton of different hot sauces… and Carolyn likes it! Somehow she thinks it’s not Mexican–I guess maybe because it has “California” in the name? I don’t know, but I’m certainly not going to tell her otherwise. She’s still “Mexicaned out” (her term) from our trip to Texas over two years ago, when all we ate was Mexican food. It was great at the time, but it ruined her appetite for Mexican food.

(I was supposed to be writing about the conference gathering. How’d I end up on Mexican food? So anyway….)

We got home around 9:30 Saturday night, just in time to catch a decent night’s sleep for church the next morning.

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