“Leaders don’t live for themselves. They live for others. Their lives raise everyone around them to heights they would not otherwise achieve.”

– Henry & Richard Blackaby, Called to Be God’s Leader

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  1. That is a nice quote, and I thank you for it. But I submit a different view on this: I believe one of the problems that we have today is their is too much focus on leadership, and what role leadership plays, and how important it is, etc. etc. etc. Everyone knows something different, and it’s never the same, more leadership, leadership, leadership. That is the problem!!! We DON’T need any more leaders!!! Jesus is the leader, we were commanded to “follow Him,” not to lead!!! I think the world has too many leaders, and not enough followers. So here is my quote: “The thing I like best about Jesus, is He never rubs it in, He never once said I told you so – rather He just rubs it out and says Follow Me.” – Pastor Christopher Birtles

  2. Chris, thanks for sharing your thoughts. There certainly is some poor leadership out there, leadership that is not Christ-centered. However, I would encourage you to check again to see what Scripture says about leadership. God does not command everyone to be a leader, but quite a few folks are clearly called and commissioned by Him! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to talking with you more in the future.

  3. Thank you for your feedback, and you’re absolutely right, scripture is full of people God called to be leaders, but the part you learn once you dig deeper into the scripture, is the people He called to be leaders were…….first and foremost followers. They were in fact following God, not leading Him. I love the story of Cyrus in the OT, the only annointed Gentile in the OT, and how he “followed” God. That is the key difference. Thanks again!

  4. Yes, Christian leadership is absolutely about following God. The reason Jesus raises up leaders is to influence others to follow Him.

  5. Yes!!! Christian leadership is all about learning to follow Christ!! I couldn’t agree more~!

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