11-1 and at the Top of the Pack!

Wow: 11-1!  Dallas did it last night–they put away the now 10-2 Packers.  That’s amazing that in 12 games so far this year, their only loss was at the hands of the undefeated Patriots.  Had to miss this game, but it sure is fun even just to read about it!  You can check out the recap here.

The only problem now is that if the Cowboys have to face Green Bay in the playoffs, Brett Favre–who left with an injury in the second quarter–is going to come out looking for revenge!

That would be so cool if Dallas wins the rest of their games, which they could definitely do.  They’re heavily favored in each match up, but in the NFL you can never know for sure.

Go Cowboys!

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  1. Hey, buddy!

    Man, we almost looked like THE REDSKINS and tried to find a way to lose that game! Here’s the biggest difference right now between us and the Pats: we turn it on when we need to. The Pats turn it on BECAUSE THEY CAN! If we can find (like Deion Sanders said) our “killer instinct”, and begin to put teams away when they’re up against the ropes (we had Green Bay 27-10 in the 2nd quarter), we’ll be vicious.

    Having said all of that… HOW ‘BOUT DEM COWBOYS???? 🙂

  2. Oh man, wouldn’t it be awesome to see the Cowboys get a rematch against the Pats in the Super Bowl? New England would find that Dallas is a much more vicious (to use your word) team than the one they handed a loss to earlier in the season. What potential for a classic Super Bowl!

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