Christmas KidsFest at CrossWay!

On Saturday at CrossWay we held our first Christmas KidsFest.  It was awesome!  We had 25 kids from 12 families, ranging in age from one to seven.  The kids were all from families that are part of the Training Station, the preschool we have at CrossWay.  There were 17 volunteers from church who worked really hard to make it a huge success!

I’m not sure who had more fun–the kids, the workers, or the parents who left their children with us for four hours!  (But I suspect that those of us from CrossWay had the best time!)  I don’t want to sound hokey or patronizing or anything, but as a pastor, I was extremely proud of our folks from church for pouring so much of themselves into this event.

It was still a little rainy when the kids arrived, so we played inside for a while.  We went to the sanctuary and brought in a bunch of toys, but the best part was the sock-snowball fight.  When you use balled up socks for snowballs, it levels the playing field.  One-year-olds, four-year-olds, 32-year-olds, and 70-year-olds were all on equal ground when it came to pinging each other in the best “snowball” fight of the year.

Then we headed into stations, where the children were divided into smaller groups and ate lunch, made and decorated cookies, created ornaments with their pictures on them, and all kinds of other cool stuff.  We all went out to the playground for a while since it had dried up, then came inside and watched a Veggie Tales Christmas video.  The day ended with one more small groups station, then it was 3:00, the parents came back, and we had to call it a day.

We took a lot of pictures and Carolyn used them to make a video.  We showed it in church yesterday and we’re giving a DVD of it to all the parents whose kids came.  (I wish I could post it on here, but of course in today’s world we can’t for safety reasons.)

Since we had such a good turnout of volunteers I hesitate to single anyone out, but I’m especially touched by the dedication of Terri and Grace.  They’re both teachers at the Training Station (Terri is also the director) who work there with these children five days a week, yet they were the first ones there on Saturday and were the last ones to leave!  We had others, like Steph, Carolyn, and Christi, who teach kids during the week but eagerly came out on Saturday to throw a serious Christmas party for these kids.  And Josh and Diana also work in local schools.  I could go on and on about Josh washing dishes and five youth working so hard the whole time and all the diapers that had to be changed….

It was such a great experience for us all that it’s hard to express it here.  All the feedback I’ve received, from parents, kids, and CrossWay people, has been tremendous.  I think we’re all looking forward to doing it again!

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