Free Script for Christmas Puppet Show for Kids

I’ve discovered that several people have found this blog by exploring the search engines looking for a script for a Christmas puppet show for kids. If anyone is interested in seeing the script I used for the puppet show described in a recent post, just email me by clicking the link near the top right of this blog’s homepage and I’ll be happy to email it to you.

It’s not a great script and it was written for a specific audience (and using certain puppets–a rooster and a cow), but those things can easily be tweaked to adapt it for a different audience. I spent so much time searching the Internet in vain for a suitable script, so I just had to write one. If I can spare someone else that trouble, I’d be more than happy to!

Update: My wife pointed out that there’s no reason to require this extra step for anyone wanting to check out the script.  So I’m adding it below to this post.  There are a few details that are specific to our setting that you’ll want to change if you use it, but that should be simple enough by copying and pasting it into a word processing program.  Feel free to use it any way you want.  Just FYI: Calvin is a cow puppet with a deep voice, and Brewster is a rooster who talks like a California surfer dude.  It’s about 8 or 9 minutes long.  Here it is:

Christmas Story Puppet Script

[Open by mentioning last week’s story about Gabriel appearing to Mary.  Say that I have some friends who want to help me tell the story, then go behind the curtain for puppet show.]

Calvin:  Hey kids!  [Pauses.]  I said, Hey kids!  [Pauses.]  My name is Calvin, and Pastor Nathan asked me to help him today.  Have you seen him?  [Pauses.]  Where?  [Looks around.]  Hmm, I don’t see him.  Oh well, that’s okay.  He wanted me to help him tell you a true story about the birth of Jesus Christ.  But first, now that you know my name is Calvin, I wanna know your names.  So on the count of three I want all of you to shout your name.  Okay?  Ready… one, two, three.  [Pauses while kids yell.]  Well, great to meet you [say all of kids names].  So, you wanna hear a story?  [Waits for answer.]  Good.  It’s a very mooooving story, so I’m sure you’ll like it.  My friend Brewster’s gonna give me a hand… [Brewster appears]… well, a claw.

Brewster:  Hey kids!  [Pauses.]  Hey Calvin!

Calvin:  Hi Brewster.  How’re you dooooing?

Brewster:  Great, man, like, totally cockadoodle, dude!

Calvin:  [Stares at Brewster.]  Anyway, what do you say we tell our friends here about the story of Jesus’ birth like Pastor Nathan asked us tooooo?

Brewster:  Sounds great!  Like, where do we start?

Calvin:  Well, last week Ms. Grace told them about the angel Gabriel who appeared to Mary.

Brewster:  What did the angel say to Mary?

Calvin:  He told her that she was gonna have a baby.

Brewster:  You mean like, a real live kid?

Calvin:  Naturally.  Well, not quite naturally, as a matter of fact.  You see, Mary didn’t have a husband yet, so she didn’t know how she could become a mom.  It seemed, shall we say, udderly ridiculous.

Brewster:  Oh yeah, like, I totally remember now.  So then the angel said that God was gonna like, put a baby in her, and He would be the kid’s dad, right?

Calvin:  That’s right.

Brewster:  So what happened next?

Calvin:  Well, Mary and her husband-to-be, Joseph, had to leave their home in Nazareth and travel far away to pay their taxes.

Brewster:  Far away….  You mean, like, to Salisbury?

Calvin:  No, Brewster-much farther than that.

Brewster:  Umm, like Baltimore?

Calvin:  Wrong again, my friend.  More like, umm….

Brewster:  Florida?

Calvin:  Yeah, real far away, kinda like Florida.  Except it was called Bethlehem.

Brewster:  Cool!  Did they go to Disneyworld?

Calvin:  [Shakes head.]  No silly, of course they didn’t go to Disneyworld.  Mary’s about to have a baby, remember?

Brewster:  Oh yeah.  Hey, I wanna go to Disneyworld!  Have any of you kids been to Disneyworld?

Calvin:  Brewster?

Brewster:  Yes?

Calvin:  Focus!  Before I get a real craving for some chicken noodle soup.

Brewster:  Yeah yeah, right, sorry.  So, Mary and Joseph traveled far away from the town of Nazareth to Bethlehem.  Then what happened?

Calvin:  Then Mary told Joseph that the baby was about to be born!  But they had a big problem.

Brewster:  What was their problem?

Calvin:  Their problem was that all the hotel roooooooms were full.  There were no vacancies at all, so they had to sleep in a barn.

Brewster:  [Stares at Calvin.]  They had to sleep in a barn?

Calvin:  Yeah, they had to sleep in a barn.

Brewster:  Calvin, where did you sleep last night?

Calvin:  In a barn.  But-

Brewster:  And where did I sleep last night?

Calvin:  In a barn, but-

Brewster:  So what’s wrong with sleeping in a barn?

Calvin:  We’re talking about people, Brewster!  Of course we sleep in a barn-we’re animals!  But a barn is no place for people to sleep.  Especially when one of them is a pregnant woman.  And especiallyer when one of them is a pregnant woman who’s having a baby.

Brewster:  Like, whoa!  You mean she like, totally gave birth to her baby, right there in the barn?

Calvin:  Yep, right there in the barn.  And they named the brand new baby-hey kids, do you know what they named the baby?  [Waits for answer.]  That’s right, good job!  They named the baby Jesus, just like the angel told them to.

Brewster:  Well, did they like, go to Wal-Mart and buy Him some baby clothes, a blankie, a nice new crib, and SpongeBob Square Pants pajamas?

Calvin:  No, they didn’t have any of that stuff.  After the baby Jesus was born, they wrapped Him in an old piece of cloth and placed Him in a manger.

Brewster:  A what-ger?

Calvin:  A manger!

Brewster:  What’s a manger?

Calvin:  It’s like that big wooden thing I eat and drink out of.

Brewster:  You mean like a feeding trough?

Calvin:  Exactly.

Brewster:  Well why didn’t they, like, put Him in a crib or something?

Calvin:  They didn’t have one.  So they put Him in a manger.

Brewster:  Oh.  Then what happened?

Calvin:  Well, while Mary and Joseph were admiring their new little baby, there were some fields nearby with some shepherds.

Brewster:  Shepherds?  What’re shepherds?

Calvin:  Shepherds are like farmers, but they take care of sheep instead of cows.

Brewster:  Shepherds are like sheep farmers?

Calvin:  Yeah, only shepherds have to stay with their sheep all the time, because…well… frankly, sheep are not as smart as us cows, and they have to be watched constantly, like a little brother or sister, so they don’t get into trouble.

Brewster:  Oh.  Who knew?  Okay, so like, what about these shepherd dudes?

Calvin:  Well, there were shepherds in some nearby fields.  It was nighttime, and they were watching over their sheep.  Suddenly, an angel appeared!

Brewster:  Like, whoa!

Calvin:  Yeah, no kidding.  That’s what the shepherds said!  There they were, just watching their sheep like any other night, and suddenly an angel appears and the whole sky lights up with the glory of God!

Brewster:  Wow!  Were they afraid?

Calvin:  You betcha.  So the angel said to them, “Hey, it’s okay!  Don’t be such chickens!”

Brewster:  Hey!

Calvin:  Oh, sorry, no offense.  So anyway, then the angel said to the shepherds, “Great news guys!  Today Jesus Christ was born nearby in Bethlehem.  He is God’s Son, a gift sent to you from God.  He will rescue people so that they can be friends with God!”

Brewster:  Sweet!

Calvin:  Yeah, the shepherds thought so too.  Then a whole bunch more angels suddenly appeared, and they told the shepherds to go to Bethlehem, where they would find Baby Jesus wrapped up tight in an old cloth and lying in a manger.

Brewster:  What’d they do?

Calvin:  They went there, of course.  And they found Him, just like the angels said.  They told Mary and Joseph what the angels had told them about Jesus, and it made them a really happy mommy and daddy.  Then the shepherds went around telling everyone else the good news about Jesus being born!  And people everywhere worshiped God.

Brewster:  Wow, that’s like, totally exciting!  God gave His own Son, Jesus, so that we could be God’s friends!  That sounds so important, we should probably celebrate it!

Calvin:  Um, we do celebrate it, Brewster.

Brewster:  We do?  We celebrate Jesus’ birth?  I didn’t know that.

Calvin:  These kids probably knew it.  Hey kids, do you know when we celebrate Jesus’ birth?  [Waits for answer.]  That’s right-Christmas!

Brewster:  Whoa, cockadoodle dude!  You mean Christmas is not about Santa bringing us lots of presents?

Calvin:  That’s right.  We celebrate Christmas to thank God for giving us Jesus.

Brewster:  Wow, that’s cool.  I guess there’s only one thing left to say.

Calvin:  What’s that?

Brewster:  Merry Christmas, Calvin!  And Merry Christmas to you too, kids!

Calvin:  Thanks, Brewster.  Merry Christmas to you toooooo!  Well, kids, that’s all for now.  We’ll see you next time.  Meanwhile, eat more chicken!  [Disappears.]

Rooster: Hey, I heard that!  [Disappears after Calvin, then reappears.]  So long, kids!

[Reappear, ask if they’ve seen Calvin & Brewster, look for them but don’t find them, shrug it off.  Say, “Well, let me tell you a story about the birth of Jesus Christ.  Have you heard this one before?  Oh, you have?”  Do you remember who Jesus’ parents were?  Where was Jesus born?  Why do we celebrate Christmas?  Why did God give us Jesus?  Close in prayer.]

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  1. Hi, well I was one of those searching for a puppet show for Christmas. Thank you so much. I would like a copy and translate it to Afrikaans.

    Blessings to you.

  2. HI I am Neville from Guyana South America This is Great Thousand of children in my country will enjoy this and most will come to know Jesus as saviour

  3. Thank you!! What a fantastic idea—-I appreciate that you’re letting others use it. It’s great!

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