Christmas at the Training Station

Today was the last day of school before Christmas break for some of the kids at the Training Station. It was so cute seeing all these kids so excited about Christmas, partying with their classes and exchanges gifts and cards.

As she was leaving, one little two-year-old girl kept saying very slowly, carefully, and clearly: “Merry Christmas, Pastor Nathan!  Merry Christmas, Pastor Nathan!”  I could tell she was trying really hard to get it right, and she did!

There are some two-year-old twin girls who gave me cookies.  There were two containers–one from each twin–and one of the girls was holding both of them.  Her mom told her to hand the cookies to me.  The little girl handed me one of the containers and clutched tightly to the other one as she said: “Good cookies!  This one for you, this one for me.”

Several of the parents gave me cards with pictures of their kids and some really nice notes, and even some gifts.  It’s amazing how thoughtful and generous people can be!  These families totally caught me off guard–the writing space on my desk is covered with goodies.

One of the classes is doing their Christmas pageant tomorrow.  Today was their dress rehearsal, and it was so funny!  I snuck in the digital voice recorder that we use at CrossWay to record our messages, and I made a bootleg recording of the rehearsal.  It came out pretty well!  When I get some time I’m going to try to set some of their songs to techno music.

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