Part 2: Mission, Vision, and Strategy at CrossWay Church

In response to a post from earlier this morning, I received some insightful comments from Terry.  Thanks, Terry, for sharing these great thoughts!  I started to respond by leaving a comment, but as it stretched on longer and longer, I figured it was probably post-worthy.

There’s a lot of talk out there about vision, mission, purpose, etc.  It’s weird how a lot of people use the same words to mean different things.  Sometimes they’re used as synonyms.  While each word does have an objective meaning, I guess the main thing is for people to understand how they’re using each word and be able to clearly communicate it to others.

I’d always thought that vision would be the first thing to come, and strangely enough, it’s turning out to be the last.  Our church spent several weeks studying the Bible to discover God’s purpose for our church.  We’ve also done some soul searching to find our values.  Our mission is made plain as day in Scripture.

Our strategy came to us in a strange way.  Early on at CrossWay the slogan “Loving God, Loving People” came to us and everyone embraced it.  Those four words express who we are, whose we are, and what we’re to be about.  But as we prayed, studied, thought, and talked, we realized that these four words also contained the strategy to fulfill our mission, as I shared in the post “Mission, Vision, and Strategy at CrossWay Church.”

So we know the mission we’re on and how to go about working to accomplish it.  But funnily enough, the picture of what that will look like lies just beneath the surface.  I’m perfectly confident that God will reveal it to us in the coming weeks as we launch our January series.

I’ve heard vision expressed different ways.  Sometimes it’s so bland and dull that I feel sorry for the person trying to cast it.  Other times it’s so passionate and exciting that it makes me want to jump on board their ship!

One of my favorite examples of the latter is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech (you can find it at this website).  He doesn’t say, “It sure would be swell if we could gain enough legislative support to pass some new laws.”  Instead he paints a picture of black and white children playing together in Mississippi, of the descendants of former slaves and former slave owners sitting together at the table of brotherhood.  Now that’s powerful stuff!  He cast a vision-that is, he painted a picture of what it would look like when his mission was accomplished.

Another of my favorite and more recent vision-casting talks is by Vince Antonucci of Forefront Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  He has a message simply titled “Vision Sunday” (I’d encourage you to find it on the church website or in iTunes).  Pastor Antonucci delivers a highly engaging message, then spends nearly the last 10 minutes just casting vision.  It’s so awesome.  He paints a very clear picture of what it would look like for Forefront Church to accomplish their mission, and it’s one of the greatest calls to action I’ve heard.

Having a vision certainly helps to clarify the strategy, and once our vision is clear at CrossWay, I have no doubt that it will help us to clarify our “Loving God, Loving People” strategy and be more intentional about implementing it.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, Terry, and I pray that God would continue to give you guidance and great wisdom as He leads you through this process at your new post!

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  1. Wow! I don’t know how I spurred that one with what I said, but good stuff.

  2. Hey man, it only takes a spark…

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