New CrossWay Sign!

The new CrossWay sign arrived today. All 600 pounds of it. It was delivered by a freight company and was completely assembled. I’d pictured a couple large pieces in a box. Wrong. It was all one giant piece and housed in nothing but some shabby wooden stuff. But she’s a beaut!

When I walked out to the truck driver, he looked doubtful and asked, “You’re getting the sign, right?” I nodded. He smiled and added, “You got some help?” I told him we had a couple guys on the way. When I started opening the double glass doors at the church entrance, he tried to stifle a laugh. Eyes smiling, he suggested I take a look at the sign.

So I peeked inside the back of the truck and saw the nearly-thirteen-feet-high, eight-feet-wide, 600-pound sign. There was no way it was going inside. It’d wipe out half the sanctuary anyway.

This whole experience was good for my prayer life. As I kept praying, Pastor Daryl from SonRise showed up. Then our very own John from CrossWay came. Daryl’s wife, Traci, picked up his son Adam who works nearby. After making a couple phone calls, Daryl got Billy from Cropper Oil to come down in a pickup with a backlift.

It took all six of us to lean the sign at an angle so it would fit through the back of the truck, then scoot it onto the back of the lift in Billy’s pickup. Five of us held it steady while Billy eased the pickup to a corner of grass in front of the church, which is where she now lies covered with a tarp. We’d have to lift the roof off to take it inside.

We’ve got nearly everything in place to get the permit from the county so John can install the sign. It’s such a relief to have the sign here, and it’ll also be a big relief to have it in the ground. Thank God for answered prayer!

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