Ocean City Date Night

Tonight Carolyn and I had an old-fashioned teenager-style boardwalk date.  For the first time in our married lives, we hit the arcades on the boardwalk in Ocean City.  It was fun!  We played skee ball, which was the best part.  Carolyn played one of those games where you move the claw which grabs some random junk, and we played a few other games.  The only part we left out was trading in our tickets for worthless stuff.  We’re saving them up so that we can cash them in for some even more worthless stuff.

Then we had a pizza & birch beer dinner at Dough Roller.  It was so good.

And all this while we had a nice, beautiful snow descending on Ocean City.  We capped off a wonderful evening by catching an episode of Voyagers!

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  1. I enjoyed my date with my pastor. Spending time with you is my favorite thing to do!

  2. Aww, shucks….

  3. Voyager? I totally forgot about that show!! 80’s 🙂 I still remember playing “V” during recess. I think you were on the other team.

  4. Oh yeah, those were the days–playing “V.” We were all about “V” back in those days, but if we watched it now it’d probably be the hokiest thing we ever saw. I can’t remember which team I was on, I just remember that a kid named Andy played the lead guy (Jonathan?).

    Guess I’ll have to track down “V” for old times’ sake.

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